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Friday, December 17, 2010

Books you Frequently Hear about in the Writing Scene

Frequently when I read about people in the Writing Scene I hear people talk about specific Books, here below you can find a few of the Books I frequently encounter.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

With your Notebook Computer on your Lap
Creating the 'WRITE' Article Ideas with A-IGP

The Article Idea Generating Procedure (A-IGP)

As a (Blog) writer it sometimes can be hard to come up with new article ideas. If you want to have a steady and reliable never fail system or procedure

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some other Great General Writing Tips, and what Coffee Makers and Notebook Computers Have To Do With It.

In the Video here Below you can find

3 Great Writing Tips:

Also on a Blog - that I frequently write comments for - I found an interesting post with...., there you can find 3 useful way's to....., well you read the title, in fact....,

'Don't Over Explain'

Is one of those way's.

It also can do without having to explain any further, that it's a good thing to INVEST in your WRITING BUSINESS and one of the Best way's to do that is to Invest in for example a Cuisinart EM-200 Programmable 15-Bar Espresso Maker, Stainless Steel


You Can find Excellent Notebook Computers at

(BTW you can see it appear by 'Hoovering'
above the link with your Mouse)

Or else you might want to click here below
to pick what you want the most:

You can Post your Feed Back by clicking the "Comments" link.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Books you frequently hear about in the 'Writing Scene'

In the previous post you could find interesting practical tips for writers, If you want to learn more about the writing craft...,

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nick Daws in a Radio Interview
and Listening on MP3 Players.

On you can listen
to interesting inverviews, I like to listen
to interviews like this during travel
on my little MP3 player...,
(BTW also see on my Healthy Lifestyle Blog:
Great Technology)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

How you can use a Toshiba Notebook Computer
for a Happy (Dynamic) Writing Lifestyle

It took a while before I actually begun to really Write Dynamically myself, and must admit that sometimes
I still can be somewhat clumsy with it.

Still writing things like:

You can discover the tiny little eBook I wrote here below:

The VISION eBook

While a much smoother
Dynamic Writing way would be:

'Go Ahead now you can discover
The VISION eBook Yourself!!!'

So nowaday's once in a while you will find all kinds of hyperlinks in the tekst of my blogposts. When I write I frequently write using a Toshiba Notebook Computer because I like to work with my Toshiba because you can easlily take it with you
and write where ever you like!

Just as I wrote about in my Writers Workspaces that Inspire post.

and if you want to take your Happy Writers Lifestyle really to the next level you definitely want to read more about a Writers Dream!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Did you already buy a Toshiba for your Dynamic Writing?

In the Video here below you can see how Nowaday's Writing is much more dynamic and exciting and that you can spread your 'Hyperlinked' writing all over the World Wide Web!

'As you can see here on the leftside of this blog
When you click on the Toshiba Banner-link, you can see that
nowaday's you can easily have a huge amount of
Computing Power on your desk'

and do all this....!

Besides Dynamic Hyperlinks I now even have 'Dynamic Hoover Links'

You can try it out for yourself, when you Hoover over the link with your Mouse you will see the Cuisinart EM-200 Programmable 15-Bar Espresso Maker, Stainless Steel appear!!!

How Dynamic is that....??? !!! :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I would like your Help in Dreaming BIG
to collect New ideas for an (e)Book

When you have been on any of my Blogspots you might already have seen the Free Preview of The VISION eBook a tiny little eBook I wrote. It's a tiny little eBook (you can also see what's it about and how many pages it has in the Index of the FREE Preview)


Since it's not so many pages, I am thinking of a possible 'Upgraded Version' and since The VISION is also about Dreaming BIG and about Exciting Lifestyle Improvements I was thinking about making a list with atleast 50 Exciting Lifestyle Improvements people can dream about
relating to a Happy, Healthy & Rich Lifestyle.

For example a possible Exciting Lifestyle Improvement that I can give you as an example, is how you can Start your very own Home Business Lifestyle

Or how about doing a Simple Investment in buying an MP3 Player so that you can have this handy compagnon at your side - Listening to your Favorite Music - When you do your Writing!

Or any other INVESTMENTS for your WRITING BUSINESS Like for Example:

or an or search for one of the
MP3 Players You like the Most.

Or for your Writing INSPIRATION: a Cuisinart EM-200 Programmable 15-Bar Espresso Maker, Stainless Steel

'Or How about a Notebook Stand...???'

'So if you have
any exciting ideas....,'

Go Ahead, just simply write a COMMENT with your idea for an Exciting Lifestyle Improvement that YOU consider as Exciting, (for example brag about something great that you already realised and feel proud about, or if you just like to share your Vision about a simple but Exciting improvement that's easy to achieve) or even if it looks impossible to achieve doesn't matter, just write it in a compelling way that tickles the Imaginiation and makes people shiffer from Excitement!

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Writers Dream!

'You can say Goodbeye to
unconfortable Laptop Writing!!!'.

'Here above you see a Link-banner
to a Great Product that makes Writing
with Your Laptop or Notebook
so much easier!!'

I wrote about this

'Healthy Writing' topic in an earlier post before
and now recently I came accross an interesting website
that Writers (or aspiring writers) will absolutely LOVE!!!

'Especially for people that like to buy
their Toshiba Notebook through this site,
for you and if you where not planning to buy a Notebook Computer
after having a look at this site you definitely
want to buy one .....,' :)

I already knew about Notebook stands that
you can put on your desk, but there is a lot more
to make the life of a

Lazy way to Success writer
much more comfortable. (BTW 'Lazy Way to Success'
is a Book you can find out more about on my

Travel Blog, It's about a Book
that BTW makes an excellent read
to take with you on the beach.)

To find out more about this website I was
talking about, you can have a look at the Banner-link
here below where you can see a lot more Models than
the one you see here above:


BTW Go Ahead click on the Toshiba Notebook Computer image
that you can find on the left side of this blog.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How to become a Dictator!

A product that I already have myself and haven't yet thought about to put on this Writing Lifestyle Blogspot is a Dictation Recorder to use as a Memo. That way you can easily record your idea's if you happen to have sudden insights and ideas you want to record.

I do have a Memo Recorder with an actual tape cassette in it, but also a MP3 player that's also capable of recording messages. As a matter of a fact since I usually only use it for MUSIC Since Music is great to excersise on I have some of those MP3 Players advertised on HP's Healthy Lifestyle Blogspot

Personally I also use them for things like 'Data Storrage' or for listening to Teleseminars, and haven't really used it for recording ideas myself yet and I hardly know how it works.

So while sitting here in the garden after a rainstorm while still hearing raindrops from the trees dripping I just tested it for you. And although I was a little afraid that it would be difficult to operate, it's quite easy to figure out and create your WAV-files with it.

I do think that an extra advantage will be that you can also easily can send your files to for example Transcribe Services on the Internet if you want your recorded thoughts Transcribed to tekst. And although I haven't ever used such services myself yet, I did find a few interesting services for you you might like to have a look at that you can find here below:

And at:" you can find a interesting video where you can see how Speech Recognision Software works.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great Writing Tip, use a Tennisball-Eggtimer

One of the best writing tools you can imagine is a simple
Egg Timer.

Because with an Egg Timer you will be forced to focus your
attention on your writing tasks.

You might wonder why to specifically use a tennisball-eggtimer....?

Well actually it doesn't really matter what kind of
egg timer you use, but I happen to have discovered
that you have them as a Tennisball-eggtimer aswell.

You can find out all about it at

An other Great Writing Tip
a Good Writing Chair

An other Great Tip is to Buy a Good Writing Chair
O.K. Set the Timer...., No Time to Waste,

In my 'Out door Home Office' where I wrote about in my blogpost titled: Writers Workspaces that Inspire I have a nice
'Excutive Chair' that allows me to comfortably sit (with mine it's
even possible to 'Lean Back' talking about comfortably!)
Anyway I recommend a good chair and on Amazon at the Bestsellers
I found a Chair that you might like to have a look at,
you can find it by clicking
on the Image here below:

(you can also browse yourself
for other chairs if you like)

Friday, May 14, 2010

HP's Happy WRITING2 Has an Easy 'Cut & Paste' Link Back

I have seen it on other Blogs before and wonderd about how I could create such an Easy 'Cut & Paste' Link Back.

So to just 'Test the Waters' I am going to have a look what it looks like in a Blogpost,

'O.K. are you ready?'

'Here it comes!'

Tataaa ta taaaaaaa........,

Happy Blogspot

- POOF - and there it is,
If this isn't 'Branding' than I don't know what is.

'So now you can do it too, and massively
help me promote my blog :) you can find
this code in 'the Box' here (scrolling up a little)
on the left side of this Blog.'


How with my Toshiba Laptop Computer I can STOP
Wasting my Time during 'Wasting my Time'

O.K. I must admit that this blogpost title does sound a little cryptical. What I am talking about it that watching to much television usually is a waste of time, especially when you have long commercial breaks in it.

Since I don't yet have a tv that shows programming with a delay while skipping the commercial breaks.....,

Sometimes when I am watching a Movie on tv, I noticed that sometimes I am just wasting my time - as a zombie - watching meaningless commercials that mean nothing to my life while waiting for the Movie to continue. Sometimes those commercial breaks take an awful loooooong time.

So since I already have my Toshiba Laptop on the table beside my couch I found a solution, to use commercial breaks to do some writing using my time more productive.

(BTW you can find one here
on the left side of this Blog)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

ONLY a few day's to go, ONLY this Month,
you can get the VISION eBook
as a BONUS for FREE!!!

As a Writer it's also important to have an Entrepreneurial side, to have a Business-like approach towards your 'Writing Business'

For this having your own Website or Blog can be a Start...,

On my Home Business Lifestyle Blogspot you can find a lot of info about
how you can also monitize your Blog with 'Affiliate Marketing'

'To make your Affiliate Sales work,
you also need TRAFFIC to your site!'

For this you Currently can find a Great Special Report
about using VIDEO to get visitors to your site at:

The Home Business Lifestyle Blogspot

And since I also am the author of the VISION eBook,
I can also offer you my VISION eBook
as a BONUS for FREE!!!

when you Buy this Great Special Report,

'Writer and Entrepreneur How Cool is that!'

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can I buy YOU a Coffee?

One of the Writing tips you hear frequently is
to - besides having a copy of
the Writers's & Artists' Yearbook
near your desk
- is to write often,
take a coffee mug with some AWARD WINNING Coffee....,


Have a look at HP's Happy MUSIC
to get a little inspiration to put on some inspiring Music,

or Other Way's to Get Inspired
and THAN get your 'writing muscle' in shape to actually write!


Now I just noticed that although I do write a lot in general,
frequently research magazines, scribling on paper,
or make notes on my Laptop Computer (writing articles
and posts in forums etc. etc.)
I haven't written a while
on this Blog,
As a matter of a fact although I do write frequently
and with a certain continuity I also do a few posts here and there
on most of my Blogspots, I hardly ever post extremely frequent
on any of my Blogs, infact I only do some posts whenever
I feel like it, and don't really use
some sophisticated Editorial Calender
with pressing dead-lines at all.

'So for this total seemingly lack of discipline
I invented the idea of having blogs

Just like a good wine that has to ripe.

'You definitely
will buy this one right? :)'

(Oops..., I hope now I haven't created
to much expectations.)


I must say that on THIS blog I haven't yet received
a lot of compelling COMMENTS from YOU either,
that really motivate me and give me the impression
that I am currently writing for a huge exploding Fan Base
that I am totally going to dissapoint
when I don't write :) Nevertheless TODAY I do have a sophisticated post for you,
written on my Notebook Computer

(BTW you can see a Link-banner of one here
at the left side of this Blog.)


Talking about (pre) Sales Pitches, ever heared
about the Sales Motto:

'Sell the Smell'

Well that's exactly what I am going to do right now,
telling you about how at our club they had installed a new coffee maker
with real beans, a lot better caffee that before, this way rediscovering
the taste of real Coffee. This inspired me to put up a new thingy
on this Blog and...,

So I recently discovered a totally
cool PayPal - buy me a coffee - donate button.

I don't have it on any of my other Blogs,
I have just put it up on this Blog because I was kind of impressed
by the fact that this technology is possible.

You can check out what it looks like by just clicking on it
you don't have to donate anything, (Especially when you already
bought one of Expresso Machines that you can
see in the Writer's Kit :))

It will just make you have an idea how it works
so that you can discover that

You can do this too!
(than I might even be able to buy YOU a coffee
if you link to my EXCLUSIVE posts!!!!)

How is that for a Joint Venture Idea?

'I really like to hear from you'.

Anyway you can find a visual reminder of this EXCLUSIVE POST
at the beginning of this post, the special AWARD WINNING Coffee Banner-link.

Talking about Award Winners have you already see my
Little post at: HP's Happy MOVIES
about the Oscar Awards?

If you like to step into my little 'Virtual Caffee',
and like to chat about for example, GAMES, MOVIES, MUSIC
or other Topics on GAMES Blogspot
that you can use as your MEETING POINT ON THE NET, with
an Interactive 'SHOUT-BOX' and a 'LIVE CHAT!!!'

Your Thoughts?

Feel free to Write Your Comment or
Share Ideas about what you could
Put into the
Writer's Kit?

To Write - Your - Comments, simply click the Comments-Link here below:

With the - One Click - Book marker
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So You Can Frequently Check Out This Blog
For - Crispy Fresh - New Blog posts

(Also for Just Browsing, Looking
on Keywords etc. etc.)

Or to check out the...,

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Thank You You Are a Fantastic Audience

Dynamic Writing

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Upcoming Events

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nowaday's Writing is much more Dynamic and Exciting!!!

In the Video here below you can see how Nowaday's Writing
is much more dynamic and exciting
and that you can spread your 'Hyperlinked'
writing all over the World Wide Web!

'So take your Laptop Computer,
turn up your speaker, sit back
and have a look at the video here below

(if you don't have a Laptop Computer yet, you can have a look at
the Toshiba Laptop banner link
scrolling up a little here on the left.)

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Healthier way of Writing.

One of the appealing aspects of being an Online Entrepreneur is
to have a certain amount of freedom. So being stuck working behind
a desk all the time is not something I enjoy all that much.

'Sometimes I seem to be so glued to my desk computer
with hardly moving a muscle that I forget that
I also can move arround a little'.

For example I can also be standing
behind my desk chair, with my cordless keyboard it's possible
easilly position my keyboard anywhere I like to stand anywhere
I like,or otherwise just hanging or leaning back in my 'Lean-back' desk chair. (also see a post on my old writing blogspot at:
Short Story about Workspaces that Inspire)
An other approach is to just sit down with my Toshiba Laptop on my lap or even laying arround
on my couch with my Toshiba.

Especially with my Toshiba I have the freedom to move arround
with it whatever I like. It's also a healthier lifestyle that way.
BTW you can find a Toshiba Notebook Computer
Banner-link here on the left, scrolling up a little.
(You can go to: for more ideas about Healthy Lifestyle.)

In my 'Out door Home Office' where I wrote about in my blogpost titled: Writers Workspaces that Inspire I have a nice
'Excutive Chair' that allows me to comfortably sit (with mine it's
even possible to 'Lean Back' talking about comfortably!)
Anyway I recommend a good chair and on Amazon at the Bestsellers
I found a Chair that you might like to have a look at,
you can find it by clicking
on the Image here below:

(you can also browse yourself
for other chairs if you like)

When you really want to make your writing a lot more comfortable you
definitely want to read my post Writers Dream !!!
--->>> W O W !!!!!

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