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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

4 Engaging Way's for Writing
Short (Magazine) Filler Articles To Create
A 'Clipping File' with Your Published Work


'Thanks for having you on this blog,

In Today's Blog post you can Discover a
Special Type of Article Writing,

and it's principles can also be helpful
for getting ideas
for your Blogging....,

Nr. 1

Inspiration, a Productive Mindset
& Doing Magazine Research

Monday, April 14, 2014

For Your Inspiration & Idea Developement.

'As a (Blog)Writer you want Inspiration
& Develop Ideas,
Don't you...?'

In this Blog post you can
Discover more about it,

Rants &
Organising Thoughts:

One of the attractive things about Blogging is that

Monday, April 7, 2014

6 Way's To Help Make
Your Blog Atractively 'Sticky'

'You might think, what's this
Stickiness all about...? O.K. thanks for
asking, this Post is about

getting attention...,'


A Big Benefit from
an Atractively 'Sticky' Blog is,

that it gets your Attention while
there are lot's of other blogs to choose from.
when you want to

Start Using your Blog
As a - Platform - to Work From

You want to get your Readers Attention,

In this Blogpost you will discover

Besides Conversational Writing,
Some other Way's To Provide You
Interesting Blog Posts.

Rants, Thoughts
& Ideas:

Just as Popcorn in

a Popcorn Machine
Ideas are contantly popping up, Ideas & Rants,
that need to be turned into

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Logorrhea, Conversational Writing
On Your Blog To Connect
With - You - As a Reader.

'In this Blog post you can
Discover a Conversational
Way of Writing...,'

'Sorry for - in the Title of this Post -
using such a somewhat
unusual word, like 'Logorrhea'

'Well actually it's
to prove a point,'

First of all showing you, that you
probably prefer to see words that are
somewhat more familiar and - conversational
with less unusual words,

Second I want to show that unusual does
help to attract attention, you started to
read this post didn't you...?'

O.K. Let's Sit Down
and Talk...,

In my 'Out door Home Office' where I wrote about in my blogpost titled:
Writers Workspaces that Inspire I have a nice

Why You Want To Discover Blogging,
As an Exciting - Platform - To Work From?

As a Writer you are constantly looking for Great Opportunities
and Ideas to Develop, so keep reading because,
I have Great News for You,

With - Blogging - You Can Create Your
Own Opportunities!

Here's a List of Some
Of the Many Blogging Benefits:

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Discover How To Write
A Book Review In a Relaxed Way
& (Pre) Sell Products/Services On Your Blog.

'As a Happy Writer you don't want your
writing to constantly be
an exhausting process,

You also like to be able to be
Combine Productivity with
doing Research.

For example by reading a
book for a Book Review
You Relax laying
on the Beach....,'

Writing (Book) Reviews,
Not Only a Great Way To Get Published:

'As a Happy Writer you usually
want to achieve

Writing Successes
you also want to see your writing
actually published,

and besides for example

Friday, April 4, 2014

Don't Read This Blogpost, Unless
You Want To Discover Blogging & the (Exuberant)
Happy Writing Lifestyle

Want to Discover
More About Blogging

& about some of the Practical Tools
that can help your Succeed?

'So, you are somewhat curious about
this Exuberant and Exciting way of Writing?

O.K. it's great to have you on this blog,
I can't wait to tell you all about it...,'

'Did you Know that there are
Bloggers that are very Successful?

And wouldn't you like to

Thursday, April 3, 2014

You Can Open Up Books, - Laptops
& Greeting Cards.

'In this Blog post you can
Discover contests, online opportunities,

and Some Interesting Types
of Writing

Like for example
did you ever think about,

Things you write
during your Vacation
like for example
Vacation Postcards,

Or how about

Greeting Card Writing? ???'

Slogan -
& Greeting Card Writing:

'Do You Frequently Submit Slogan Contests,
or do you do any Greeting Card Writing/Designing?'

That way also creating a collection
of all kinds of little

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Eclaircise: What Type of
(Blog) Writer Are You?

For a Writing Course I have done some years ago
I experimented with multiple types of writing.

Types of Writing:

Also on this Blog you can discover posts about

Friday, March 28, 2014

This Is How
Your Writers Workspaces Can Inspire You
& Help Increase Your Success

'As a (Blog)Writer you want to have
a Workspace that Can Inspire...,'

In this Blog post you can
Discover how you can make your
Workspaces Inspirational,

Some years ago I wrote
this - part fantasy, part reality - post
about the Writers Lifestyle of a Bestseller Writer and
his Workspaces.

The Office "Make Over"

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Discover the Blogging - Platform -
& - How You Can Write Articles
For Building Your Brand

'Especially when you read
that blog post about the

Discovery of Blogging & the
(Exhuberant) Happy Writing Lifestyle

you want to Discover more about
this amazing - Platform -
especially when you Discover
even more about it's Possiblitities
for building
your Brand.'


'When you have used your Blog as a

- Platform - to Work From
Writing articles can be very useful

Monday, March 24, 2014

How Do You Track
Your Progress & Submissions?

'In This Post you can Discover
Techniques for keeping track
of your writing,'

Writing Progress &
Writing Process:

In a previous post titled:

You Can Read Writer's Lifestyle realated Topics on this Blog
you can read about some of

Saturday, March 22, 2014

How you can use your Vacation
to Start Writing your Novel.

- Your - Questions:

'I like to help people answering their question
in Forums and....,'

I also have for example a lot

Friday, March 21, 2014

Did You Discover the Blog Posts Archive?
And Do You Know That Boring Blog Maintenance
Can Become Productive & Inspirational?

Your Blog as a
'Self-reliant House'

Sometimes it can be a challenge to find
interesting topics to write about, that you
as a reader enjoy reading,

So I just looked at some of the 'Trending Topics'
and besides Justin & Selina...,

Friday, March 14, 2014

J.K. Rowling and Imagination

Getting Inspiration:

The VISION eBook has to do with getting
in touch with the experiences you want to experience.

It's that 'Feeling State' or Emotion
that can give you Inspiration
for Inspired Action. Can you Imagine
Suddenly having Instant Fame & Fortune..., ???

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Great Way To Earn Money
As A Freelance Writer!


You might have read the blogpost titled:
My Laptop is Waiting for Summer about how I can
already see myself sitting outside in the garden, and for example having a nice cup of
Espresso made on a Price Friendly Stainless Steel
Cuisinart EM-200 Programmable 15-Bar Espresso Maker

(that Btw. as you probably know
you can also find in the
Writer's Kit ;))

Great Tools
For Your Freelance
Writing Career

Inspiring Video Ray Bradbury Talking about His Writing.

When you happen to have read my post about
Writers Workspaces that Inspire
you know that I like to think (and also fantasize about)
about '(Bestseller) Writers Workspaces' and that
for example

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