Monday, December 4, 2017

Writing for Our Webstores
& Blogging

Thanks for having a look at this new blog post,

As you could read in a previous blog post,
Titled: Getting A Better Focus
On this Blog In Future Blog Posts.

I want to put more FOCUS on:

Making Writing FUN and FRUITFUL!!!
For Bloggers & Webshop Owners.

(As you can read right under the

Monday, November 20, 2017

How About This For Christmas?

Thanks for being on this Blog today,

I was wondering about what I could write about today for
you as an (Aspiring) Writer, or as an Experienced Author,

Than I realized that since we do have
Online Webstores, I thought about
some rather obvious....,

Great Ideas for CHRISTMAS!!!

DISCOVER Our Great Limited Time Offers NOW!!!

See More Pens


You can Add Your Own (Grand) Childs Name

Other Gift Ideas:

Postcards, Pens, Pencils,
Candy Tins, Gift Bags, Placemats,

Desk Business Card Holders

and Compact Mirrors

For more Ideas see our

Recent Twitter Post

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Getting Inspiration for Designs.

Hello Fruitful writer, thanks for
being on this blog today,

Sometimes when talking to some of our
Supportive and Loyal customers it can help
to get Inspiration
for Brand New Designs, and
New Variations...,

Upcomming Hollidays:

Also the Upcoming Hollidays usually
help to ignite new ideas for new
designs for products like for example, to 'Re-create'
the Popular Harmless Turantula Coffee Mug Design

Into a Special Halloween - Cocolate Box - Design!
As you can see here below:

Harmless Tarantula Coffee Mug

Harmless Tarantula Coffee Mug

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Funny Tarantula Halloween Chocolate Box

Funny Tarantula Halloween Chocolate Box

by EdelhertDesignStudio

BTW we are open for your Feedback
You can also discover a special
You like this post, then buy me a coffee !

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Getting A Better Focus On this Blog
In Future Blog Posts.

Hello Fruitful Writer,
Thanks for checking out this blog today,

Recently in a Writers Forum I wrote about
the importance of having a clear focus on your blog

To inspire you as a reader, and to increase the
Chances to attract more readers.....,

I realised that this blog could use a little more focus
so I want to write a little more about things that
are actually more interesting for specifically
Bloggers & Webshop owners in the Future.

So More Blog posts Coming Soon!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Writing A Great Anniversary BOOK
As a Personalized Gift!

Hello Fruitful Writer,
great to have you on this blog again today,

As you could read
in a previous post on my
Digital Camera-Ideas Blog, about

Ideas for Creating
Personalised Photo Collages as Gifts.

I wrote about how with Photo's
and your own Writing, you can make a
great Photo Collage as a Gift,

Wouldn't It Be Great

To Be Able to Make

Great Personalized Gifts Yourself...?

Ready-Made Designs on Gift Products
& Customizable Ones:

You probably already are somewhat familiar with
the special (customizable) designs on products
that you can buy in our
Edelhert Designs Studio-Webstore

We have many Designs on Products already
ready-made for you, and ones that need
just a little from your own
Writing - (& Designs Skills)

to Customize and Personalize....,

You can also use your Writing - & Designing Skills

in a very practical way by
creating your very own Personalized - BOOK - as a Gift Product yourself!!!

Making Your Own 50th Birthday Anniversary
Photo Book for Example:

For example for a 50th Birthday,

We recently created such a special gift and created
it into a Great fun special 50th Birthday (Photo) Book, with
great Photo's, Drawings, Funny written stories etc. etc.

Basically creating a 'bundle of Photo Collages'
turned into a (Photo) BOOK.

How We Created It:

I started with looking through loads of old photo's
and bundle them on themes to write about, than making a list
with the amount of photo's I have on those specific

Also using that same list for writing nice stories little memories,
stories you remember about those specific themes
to insert among your photo's

(or for example concert tickets, plane tickets,
vouchers from your hotel etc. etc.)

Than Choosing a somewhat logical approach to
string those themes together into a logical order.
And to make the Book not like a dusty 'black & white'
old picture story also included several brand new
recently taken photo's, and stories as well
to create a connection
with today.

Creating Your Own
Festive Products:

Feeling Great about

having - Stunning Napkins - for Your


A Great idea for your Festive Anniverary
is for example, making your own stylish
Customizable Napkins

(Or any of the many other Customizable Products
in Our Collections !)

With your customizable Name and/or
Your Own Text on it!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Complementing Products & Services

Thanks for having a look at this
Writing Blog (again) today,

Besides the obvious Must Buy
(Customizable) Best-selling Author Coffee Mug
You See in the Left Side Bar of this Blog,

I am curious about the things you think about
before you actually consider
buying something?

In a previous blog post I wrote about
working with Specially Designed
Special Purpose Notebooks

Recently I read something about how when you buy a product
you automatically start thinking about products and services
that are related to such a product.

Check Out These Great
Complementing Products/Services:

At Your Service:

Because of that I realised that we also have
a whole range of - Specially Designed - related other products for you
like for example our Specially Designed:

1) Colorful Pens

2) Post- and Greeting Cards

3) (Writers) Coffee Mug(s)

4) Office Binders

5) And for example our Serving Trays
for your - Coffee Breaks -, to put your Coffee Mug(s)
on see here below:

Blue Hydrangea with white border Serving Tray Nat.
Blue Hydrangea with white border Serving Tray Nat. by EdelhertDesignStudio
See more Blue hydrangea with white border Serving Tray

More Serving Trays

Just to name a few,

This way you can start

Making Writing more FUN
as I promise you in the tag-line
of this blog, and eventually possibly
also more Fruitful.

Your Thoughts:

feel free to check them out and
let me know what you think

By clicking the comments link here
below, and write your comment/reply.

Friday, June 16, 2017

You Can - Preview - 6 Pages
of this E-Report for Free

Thanks for visiting this blog today,

Do You Like
Digital Photography?  

How would you like to develop your Photography Skills?

As you might know I recently Finished this E-Report Titled:

Some of the Special Benefits
of this E-Report:

* You will learn about some of Our Own Actual Experience with
Making Money with our Digital Photography,

Way Nr. 3  in this report is about Getting Instant Recognition
for your Photography
or winning Equipment, or Prize Money etc. etc.
with Photo Competitions.  

BTW you can also read about
 ONE of our PHOTO COMPETITION Adventures
on our EDS News Facts Blog titled:


How You Can Preview the first 6 Pages
of This E-Report for Free:

In the Lulu Storefront you can click
the (small print) Link
- Preview - directly below the book cover
to look at the Free Preview
of the first 6 pages.

How You can Flip the Pages:

In the right corner of the Preview screen
you can click the left & right arrow buttons to
change pages.

Check Out this E-Report

In the Link here Below:

Making Money with
Your Digital Photography

(on page 5 you also see a (non-clickable) website address
to our Design Studio Website, the Edelhert Design Studio )


Monday, June 12, 2017

Working with Special Purpose Notebooks

Thank you for visiting this
Blog Today,

Don't you frequently have loads of ideas
floating around in your head...?

Than it can be helpful to capture them
by just simply writing them in a
simple Notebook,

Or you can make it a little more

Special Purpose Notebooks:

Personally I have a whole collection of several 

 Special Purpose Notebooks...., 

         Writing Notes about Music:

For example for taking Notes about Music related topics,
and Song Writing I have a Special dedicated Notebook with 
a Music Design Image on it's cover. 

        Notes for Writing Speeches:

         The Funny Talking Parrot

could for example be
for your notes to write speeches

Funny Talking Parrot Notebook
   Funny Talking Parrot Notebook by EdelhertDesignStudio 
 Browse other Funny Notebooks 

Specially Designed Practical Notebooks for your

general purpose note taking:

It's great to have a Special Purpose notebook or just simply a notebook
with a Design that you like,

See More
Notebook Designs

 This Funny Talking Parrot Design is

also available as Postage

Funny Talking Parrot Hello PostageFunny Talking Parrot Hello Postage by EdelhertDesignStudio

Find more Talking parrot Stamps at Zazzle

Look At Other
Funny Talking Parrot Products:

Funny Talking Parrot

Like for example the practical

Funny Talking Parrot Can-
& Bottle Coolers

Friday, May 19, 2017

Writing Inspiration, Blogging, Recent E-Report
and Songwriting Experiment

Hello writing fan,
Thanks for visiting this blog today,

In case you are curious about some of the
things that Inspire me, and about
what's going on at Edelhert Design Studio....,

As you could read in a previous blog post

Having a designstudio and webstores
provide a Great Source of Inspiration to Write About

It contiously provides me ideas to note down,
and to write about.

It even has given me the Inspiration to write an actual

E-Report about
Making Money with Digital Photograpy.

What also gives me a souce of Inspiration at the moment is to write
about is my recent Songwriting experiments I am working
on as you can read about on my Music Blog in a blog post
titled: Work In Progress; Chords & Lyrics

Monday, May 15, 2017

Just Finised Writing an E-Report
That you Can Preview

Thanks for reading this blog post,

In the Lulu Storefront you can click
the Link
- Preview - right below the book cover
to look at the Free Preview
of the first 6 pages.

In the right corner of the Preview screen
you can click the arrow buttons to
change pages.

Check Out this E-Report

In the Link here Below:

Making Money
with Your
Digital Photography

Monday, March 6, 2017

Thank you All for your Support, Writers,
Supporters, Buyers, Zazzle Community!

Thanks for Visiting
this Blog Today,

Thanks for Buying Our Pens, Buttons,
Greeting- & Postcards

and Our Special Coffee Mugs!

and for using the Social Share Buttons
On our Blogspots, and in our Webstores.

It's always great to see that you have visited our
and even greater when you actually
buy any of the Products with our

Nature Inspired Designs on it!

When - just as us - you have your own website(s)
You will know that you are contiously looking for way's
to get visitors to your website(s),
(BTW talking about getting visitors to your site
you can Buy an Inspiring Report
that teaches you Exactly HOW you can
Get Visitors to your Site!!!)

Here Below One of Our
Most Popular Pens that you Bought:

Peacock Feathers Pen

Peacock Feathers Pen

by EdelhertDesignStudio

See More
Designer Pens

You Can See One of
Our Most Popular Greeting Cards
Here In the Left Side Bar

See More
Geeting - & Postcards

Also Thanks for
Your Feedback & Support:

You can Easily
Send us a Message:

We recently included a Contact Form
in the Left Side Bar of our
Digital Camera-ideas
Photography Design Blog

It makes it super easy to send us a message,
we also have Social Share Icons on our blogs
and in our web stores you can use
to tell friends about us.

You Can Also
Follow Us On Twitter!

EDS Twitter Page
( <-- also see Link in Left Side Bar)

And Find Us
On Pinterest!

EDS Pinterest Page
( <-- also see Images in Left Side Bar)

Looking at your Feedback we have gotten
many practical Tips & Ideas from you
we frequently take into account.

Some Examples from
Your Feedback:

We also frequently get tips for interesting
photo location for taking photo's for example
for the panoramic blossom see through
coffee mug.
A Coffee Mug that Instantly gives
you the feel of a 'Walk in the Park'.

Here Below Our Most Popular
Specially Designed Coffee Mug:

Harmless Tarantula Coffee Mug

Harmless Tarantula Coffee Mug

by EdelhertDesignStudio

See More Coffee Mugs

Support from
the Zazzle Community:

Last year we even had some of you designers in the
Zazzle Community buy our products and actually
promote our products by becoming re-sellers
of our products yourself!

We also appriciate the support from other people
in the Zazzle Community that for example offer
their specific promotional platforms like for

for Sharing our Collections:

for Sharing our Gifts on:


Our Popular Peacock Pen is on it also and you can also find us on
for example other more specific blogspots like on
Home D├ęcor Blogspots:

Or for on even more specific product
blogspots like for example on:

Or Our
Customizable Pet Bowl


Running Dog Cartoon Cust. Text & Color Pet Bowl

Running Dog Cartoon Cust. Text & Color Pet Bowl

BTW you can see an actual customized
Pet Bowl in our Tweet about it!

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Get Excited About Inspirational
Product Review Writing.

Fruitful Writer,
great you check out
this blog again today,

(As always your Comments & Replies
on this post (or other posts) are Welcome...,)

When you are looking for things to write about

Monday, January 2, 2017

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