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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Logorrhea, Conversational Writing
Connecting With - You - As a Reader.

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Thanks for checking out this post,
We have something more for you today,

This time it's not about things like,


Writing Secrets and Postcards & T-Shirts that Do Well at the Moment, 'In this Blog post you can
Discover about How to Blog, and about

a Conversational Way of Writing...,'

'Sorry for - in the Title of this Post -
using such a somewhat
unusual word, like 'Logorrhea'

'Well actually it's
to prove a (Ball) Point,'
BTW did You See This...? 


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First of all showing you, that you
probably prefer to see words that are
somewhat more familiar and - conversational


And About Topics you really like to read about with less unusual words,

Second I want to show that unusual does help to attract attention,


you started to
read this post didn't you...?'

Your Comments
& Replies:

'Don't you just hate it when you
say something, and nobody seems to

The great thing about Blogging is, that it doesn't only has to be a
Monologue, with just only 'talking to you as a reader',

As A Blogger You Can
Make It Conversational:

Instead of only sharing your expertisegaining professional recognition,
attracting prospects and to build new income streams etc. etc.

As a Blogger, it's also possible to actually look at what
- you - as a reader have to say.

That way making it in to a
Dialogue, or

(especially when there are
Replies on Comments
and is participation from
other readers going on,)

That can become actual Online Conversations that in itself Provide great Additional Content that will 

to read.

For Example I am Looking forward to See What Comments you can come up with when you 

Write your Comments/Replies on our 

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Popular Posts:

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Your Active
Participation, And Inspiration:

* Your Comments & Replies,

* Your Participation, is a Source of Inspiration,

Just as,
Aparent as, 

'Boring' Blog Maintainance
can be surprising Inspirational

Your Readers Feedback
Your Comments & Replies and

The Dynamics of Online Conversations,

also provide
a great source of Inspiration

getting New Ideas
for writing New Blog Posts.

Readers Feedback:

As you can read in a blog post titled:

Now Everybody
Can Comment On
This Blog

The Comments & Replies you wrote are inportant and it's also great to write
Comments & Replies back or look at what other readers wrote, and

You also like to see your readers to have an interest in both:

- Previously written blog posts,
- the New blog posts,

and - it goes without saying - that it's especially
exciting when you enjoy coming back for all the

- Upcomming blog posts that
are yet to come, that are
going to be published!

Your Comments & Replies
Can Also Be Helpful
For Other Readers:

You can Help & Support your readers
by providing Inspirational
Practical Blog Posts
about intersting topics
that are interesting and valuable to read,
and by providing it in such an attractive way

That you want to Re-Visit,
Again, Again

and Again...,

and that you actually like to
Bookmark your Blog.,

(BTW you can Bookmark this blog with
the easy 'One Click' Bookmarker
you can find near the top of - this blog
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- in
the Left Side Bar. (Or by scrolling
down at the bottom of this blog.))

It can also possibly help to

Become Aware
Of New Interesting Topics
to Write About

It's Great to Hear From You
It's great to see - your - Comments & Replies,
and also to look at  Conversations that are going on........, 

Btw. talking about Conversations.....,

Besides writing about Books you have written yourself, you can also write Book Reviews about Books from other writers,

and to connect with you as a Reader many Writer's also offer things like Workshops and do things like Public Speaking,

Or for example

Feature Articles
for Newspapers and Magazines.



In Upcoming Posts you will
be able to read more about lot's of
other (Online) Writing Possiblitities,
some great topics that you don't
want to miss out on!

For what Public Speaking and
Speaking on Stage is concerned you might like
to frequently check out the

Upcomming Events Page with interesting
resources for writer's that want to learn more
about Speaking on Stage.

'Or if you are already an experienced speaker,
It also would be great when you share some of
your own Speaking on Stage Experiences, by writing
your Comments & Replies

On any of the Comments & Replies you can
discover here below'

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Comments & Replies
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That You Sure Will Like, When You Enjoyed
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RESPONSIVE WRITING: A Small - Comment & Reply writing - Case Study 

Writing About Previous Posts

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Thank You You Are a Fantastic Audience

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  1. It's because writers are guarded with their comments ;) If you say that commenting can be included in their "Daily word count", you might see a spike in interaction...

    1. Talking about Interaction, I just discovered that it's also possible to - besides just writing comments back - to also actually write - Replies - back on individual Comments!

      That way making it even more into actual conversations.

  2. Possibly they can't really include it in their "Daily word count" - when you happen to have a blog that you want to get a little more Visitors for - atleast having a little more links here and there will make your blog more attractive for the search engines :)

    Thanks for your Comment.

  3. On the other hand, that might actually be a good idea to write about how Commenting can help your Daily Word Count, since it's alway's better than Writers Block and not writing at all.

  4. The more passionate and / or intriguing your blog posts are written the more likely you will get comments, and if you want a sure way to get comments, you can say something controversial, but be careful because that could lead to bad comments.

  5. Yes indeed, and besides expressing my passion and to make it intriguing to read, I use several techniques to achieve this. You can read about these techniques in a (Popular) Post titled: Assignment How You can Make Your Blog 'Sticky'

    1. (I Discovered that somehow this link doesn't work, so here is an other link about the Topic 'Sticky'


      Enjoy !

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