Sunday, September 25, 2011

Talking About Previous Posts

Some years ago I made a Short 'Promo Video'
to promote a blog of mine and to help people
to become motivated for early morning jogging.
In that 'Promo Video' (actually a Photo Slide Show)
you can see amung other things
stunning photo's of the upcoming Sun...,

'you can also see a photo of my footsteps
in the sand on a wet beach'.

Footstep Fiction

This is one of the thoughts that flashed through my mind when some
time ago I did grab my Laptop and wrote about something
that I have called

Footstep Fiction
a way of writing that is part fiction and part reality,
and that is intended
to be anticipating to a possible wished for future.
I recently - while reading about several other possible
writing genres
- discovered that there actually is a name
for such a mixture of reality and fiction and
that it is called faction.

I do believe that for example also

Dan Browns very successful

Davinci Code and
several of his other books

have several locations that are based
on real places that aren't fictional,
or on historical facts that also
aren't fictional.

Feel free to grab your Laptop (at least I asume you are
a Laptop Fan) and write your comment.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Short Story: 'Rinse & Repeat'

As a real Laptop Fan I have a new Short Story
(it actually had a spellcheck 'rinse')
O.K. here it goes....,

Rinse and Repeat.

It was late at night, as usual the writer was laying in bed while typing on his laptop.
Except for the wind blowing outside it was silent enough to be able to almost fully
concentrate on writing without to many of the distractions of the day time. On his
bed beside the laptop where laying around several books one of the books was
a book with Short Stories titled: To Cut a Long Story Short. Jeffrey Archer
The writer had read the paperback
book a long time ago during a vacation, you could see
that several pages in the book  had been in contact with
sea water and you could even discover some actual beach sand between
some of the pages. He just flipped through the book just looking
at some of the stories titles trying to remember them. Hoping
that looking at them would trigger some kind of instant inspiration
for writing a Short Story himself.
Unfortunately the stories didn’t seem to instantly help him
with any inspiration at all.
The memory of the beach however did help.

Memories of Beach Life

In his minds eye he got back to the beach, feeling the warmth of the Sun on his face.
Every time when the Sun appeared to become a little to hot, a cool breeze helped to cool down.
Especially after the occasional swim in the ocean when still wet, it was an excellent combination
of Sun and cool breeze. Also the ‘sand’ was made from‘seashell dust’ making it nice and cool
on his feet. So what happened at the beach you might ask? Well during one of the swims to extra
cool down, he swam near a nice yacht, wondering what it would be like when he had bought
such a yacht. Imagined about having a special office for writing onboard on such a yacht. Just
an other nice idea for a great Writers’ Workspace that could Inspire. Like a Captain on a ship
steering his words into the right direction. Just imagine writing a little while looking over the horizon
to get a little inspiration and feeling the wind in his face, than after a while just jumping into the water
to cool down and relax. Than jump onboard again continue writing again and after a while taking
such a short break again, and than ‘Rinse and Repeat’ for real! This boat was very close to the beach
and he could easily swim back to the shore to lay down and dry in the Sun again until it was time
to cool down again. (428 words)

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Also Now This Blogs Colors Are Easier On The Eyes

First when I started this blog I didn't specifically looked at
creating consistancy in the colors on this blog, because of your
Readers Feedback I discovered that lot's of you didn't
like the bright Orange Title Color, I actually got complaints
about the organge not being easy on the eyes,

'So Now the Colors are
More Consistent and Easier on the Eyes'

also the links and the Blog Titles had other colors,
so now I created a little more consistancy in the colors to make
it easier on the eyes. Hope you like it, asuming that you are a
Laptop Fan yourself, feel free to let me know
what you think, by grabbing your Laptop
and write - your - comments.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

You Still Don't Think This Blog Isn't Better Organised Now?

Since a lot of you complained that on this blog there was to much Clutter and Distractions,
I made a few changes for you:

Easier to Find
What You Enjoy Reading the Most

Besides recently having made a special dedicated page where you can find the Short Stories...,

Just minutes ago I removed
'Writing Tip of the Day' from the side bar
to the Tips for Writing - Your - Bestseller-Link
that you can find near the Top of this Blog or
that you can find by just clicking
on the link here: Tips for Writing Your Bestseller

I also removed 'Great Links for Writers'
and 'Must Haves for Writers' from the side bar
to a special new Link
simply titled: Great Links and also a special link
with Great Writing Books & Writing Trade Magazine Subscriptions

So now I 'Cleaned Up' the Side Bar, It's easier
for you to Navigate this Blog, with more focus on:
- Most Popular -, - Recent Comments - and
- Recent Posts - Hope that this will help
you enjoy this Blog more, feel free to grab your Laptop,
write a comment to let me know what you think.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

One of my Short Stories and It's 'Making Off'.

As you might have read in the post
Now You Can Easily find My Short Stories
Recently I created a special Page for Short Stories and did
already place a few Short Stories up there....,

I am going to use a technique that I use for writing.
It’s simply about starting to write about what you want
to write, I want to write something that will create
a certain readers experience. In this Short Story I want
to give the reader the experience of a writer,
a little view into the ‘Writing Factory’ where
you can see how the Short Story is being made. (at least,
how I made this (714 words) one)

The Short Story Factory

That night in the bedroom a little lamp on the night stand
was throwing a little light in the room, while at
the same time, also a small sized television and the
writers Laptop computer helped to shed a little extra
light into the room. Several objects in the room created
faint mysterious shadows on the walls, a sight that alone
was enough to suspect that .....,

You can find the rest of this Short Story
near the top of this blog on the special
Short Stories

(Or you can look at an even more recent Short Story titled:
Rinse & Repeat)

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Do You Think It's Easy
To Build Writing Success?

Since I currently don't yet know if I really have any real talent
for writing, I don't think that currently I can really usher you in,
and show you all kinds of magical writing techniques that
I have in my reportoire.

Btw today on tv in an interview I saw
Mike Meyers talk about 'Consiously Incompetent'
(and - as far as I understand - that frequently
the Unconsiouss look down on them.)

So I don't think that I can really talk about writing techniques
based on my own experience that much (yet). So usually when
I write something it's not based on some huge amount of
writing experience or about having written lots of
International Bestselling Novels, (although I am already
an International Seller
with (hopfully) the 'Best' yet to come.)

Because of that I just write posts based on research
and about what currently seems to make sense to me.

For example my tips for writing your bestseller
is an example you can find it at:

7 Tips For Writing
Your Bestseller
when you have tips, ideas or special aditional insights
for this topic yourself please let me know
by writing a comment.)

Writing Experience

What I can write about from my own experience is about
my (little) experience with submitting 'Letters
to the Editor'
and writing

for Magazines you can read about that at:

The Secret
To Writing Success

(Btw you can also find this link near
the top of this blog)

And you can read about blogging and how for example
how you can build on your own Successes and
for example write about (successful)

previous posts

(that you know readers
actually read.)

Under the motto 'Go for what you know' in
a somewhat

Footstep Fiction way, I will
now think about how I could approach expanding

Writing Success

And if that doesn't help you might like to
have a look at any of the

Writing Books or any of the

Writing Trade Magazine

In the mean time doing some actual writing like
the 'Unplugged' Short Stories you can find at:

Short Stories I hope to discover all kinds
of new insights and ideas that might also help - you -
with your writing.

Btw. for writing Business Papers you can
discover a great recomended book about it
that you can find on the

About Page

'Talking about helping what do you think
about simply using a simple

White Board as a Planning Tool
for your Writing Business?

(It's also a good idea to also
look at lot's of other

Practical Writing Tools
You can discover for your

And talking about a helpful Planning Tool,
Besides Planning Assignments, you also
might want to make sure

To Somehow Track
Your Progress & Submissions

'Talking about help, I would appricate it when you share
your insights and experience by writing - your - comments'.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

How About Adding To Your Daily Word Count...???

Some time ago on this blog I wrote about making the writing on my Blog Conversational and since
that post actually proved to be Conversational I got a Comment on that post and
it actually made me think about writing you this new blogpost...,

'About Writing Comments'

How About Adding A Few Words To
- Your Daily Word Count...??? -

Because that post gave me the idea to write this post for you about
the great opportunity that writing Comments can give you.

Writing Comments gives you an opportunity
to practice expressing yourself, and to communicate.
It also will give you an opportunity to actually write something.

Especially when you have a little trouble to write and suffer
from Writers Block and you have the idea not to have done
something substantial for 'your Daily Word Count'
When you have written a Comment, atleast you would have
written something. Something to pracice
your 'Writing Engine' on.

(also I might make this blog into
more of a 'Magazine Model' with a lot of Guest Posts,
than when in your Comment Writing I have spotted you as being a Conversational Writer chances are that
I might invite you for Guest Posting.)

BTW I also usually write Comments back,
(possibly even on your own blog when you like)
so you will also have direct feedback
on your writing and because of that you
might want to bookmark this blog....,

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......., and learn more about the secret to writing success

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Besides Easier Navigation,
It's Also Make it Easier to Read.

As you might have read in one of my posts that been amungs
the Most Popular for a long while already about How You Can Make Your Blog 'Sticky'

Writing about some of the techniques to make your stay
on this blog more enjoyable. For example by using subheadings
to make it easier to read, like I wrote about in How You Can Make Your Blog 'Sticky'
I also will make it easier to read by using 'Block Quotes'
like you can see here below:

'O.K. this part is in Block Quotes
to make it Stand Out a little'

You Will Also See Smaller Margins
To Make it Easier To Read

'For example when I keep on writing with to wide Margins it becomes almost impossible to read really well, instead I can better break it up into more easy to read parts'.

For example

For example when I keep on writing with to wide Margins
it becomes almost impossible to read really well, instead
I can better break it up into more easy to read parts.

That way you don't have to turn your Apple iPad Tablet or your Apple iPad 2
to Landscape to be able to keep on reading :)

Recently I also made this blog a little Easier on the Eyes

and also Removed some of the Clutter in the Sidebar

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