Monday, May 30, 2011

On a Quest for Instant 'Fame and Fortune'

Some years ago I wrote a Tiny little eBook Titled:
The VISION (e)Book, it - amung
other things - has to do with getting in touch with the experiences
you want to experience. It's that 'Feeling State' or Emotion that can give you Inspiration for Inspired Action. For example I won't mind to see
more visitors to my Blogspots, and would enjoy to experience
sudden growing visitors numbers on several of my Blogspots, How would it make me feel if suddenly I had
such an Instant Fame and Fortune-like experience?

The Power of Imagination

Well I got a little idea for such Inspired Action
because I got a little 'Spark of Inspiration' when I wrote this, since this idea of Instant Fame and Fortune
reminds me of how - although this it is not mentioned in
the Interview Video you can find at this blogpost
I did hear that the author of the Harry Potter
J.K. Rowling wanted to create
Instant Fame and Fortune for Harry.

'I do think that in an almost Magical way
as an unexpected side effect J.K. Rowling ended up to create
Instant Fame & Fortune for herself
while wanting to create it for Harry!'

According to Albert Einstein IMAGINATION
is more important than Knowledge, so I do think that
J.K. Rowlings Imagination show's that Imagination
can be pretty powerful!

You can also see how her imagination is made into
Movies that you can now also find on DVD.
You can find them at: HP's Happy MOVIES there
you can also find more info about the
how Big this Bestseller is!


This idea did give me a the Inspired Action
to show you an interesting interview with J.K. Rowling.
That might give you the idea to tell friends about this
Blogspot and might lead to a growing number of visitors
to this Blogspot. That might set this Train into Motion.
Talking about trains, as you can see in the Video Interview
here below J.K. Rowling got here inspiration for
the Harry Potter Books
while riding on a train.

What does your Writer's Kit Look like?
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Friday, May 27, 2011

I Am on A QUEST To Make this Blog
More Popular.

Since I have this Writing Lifestyle Blog and I like to make
it Popular I read several reports about how you can get a blog
running, and how to make compelling blogposts, to make
it 'Sticky'.

'So I am on a Quest
To Make this Blog More Popular....,'

I wrote about it before, first thing I learned is that a Blog
is a way of communicating information and it's also about
creating an 'Online Community'. In this case a Community of
People that enjoy The Writing Lifestyle.

So this Blogspot is specifically about 'The Writing
, Since I can only call this Blogspot
(or these Blogspots) and 'An Online Community' when visitors Re-visit this Blog
(or these Blogs) on a regular basis. For this I do have to
make the Blog(s) 'Sticky' meaning making it attractive
and compelling enough for visitors to Bookmark this Blog
and frequently return to reading new posts.

Making The Blog Posts
More Attractive To Read:

Making it attractive for both 'First Time Visitors'
and 'Regular Visitors' that are already familiar with the Blog(s).
So for this 'Stickiness' making it more
Readable for example
with different types of fonts, and interesting attention
grabbing sub-headings and things like that, I have to keep
the Blog(s) fresh with frequent updates, and new Blogposts,
also frequently linking to other posts or resources, like
for example I constantly have
to provide the visitors with something interesting and exciting
to read, making it my ongoing 'Contest' or
Writing Assignment.

I also recently made this blog Easier On the Eyes

What Comes Next...???

First it was difficult to contantly come up with new ideas to write
about, since I came up with the idea to write Continuing Posts
(by simply writing 'Comments' on previous Posts) it became a lot
easier to write new posts than just writing isolated individual posts.
So now my posts become more like interesing and related stories,
like a Quest that makes you constantly want's to come back for
more, wondering What Comes Next!!!
(also see: Writing Success )

So do you have ideas to make this Blogspot
extra 'Sticky' or do you have interesting
ideas for info you would like to see on
this Writers Lifestyle Blogspot, please
let me know by writing your compelling comment(s)
(BTW You can put in your 'signature link'
if you want to 'Advertise' you own Site or Blog.)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is You Laptop Giving you
- a Pain in the Neck - ???

As a (Aspiring) Writer it often is a challenge to get published
- If it's a "Letter to The Editor" that gets published
in a Magazine or an actual Filler or an Article
- it always
is exciting and enjoyable to be able to share your Writing Talent
with the World.

It's just that with a Laptop that - since the screen is
attatched to the Keyboard
- you constantly have to look
downwards on your screen. Only it's my experience that....,

'Sitting behind a Laptop looking downwards for a
long time can give you strain, or even Neck Pain!'

So in the Image-links here below you can find two possible
solutions for this problem:

When you want to have a look for Laptops themselves,
you can find them by clicking on the Banner-link You
can find - scrolling up a little - near the Top
of this Blog.

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