Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How About that...??? I Made This Blog
Easier to Navigate

In a recent post I about having - Responsive - Readers
that write Comments on Blogposts, and about an improvement I made,
I just came with a other new improvement....,

Since I couldn't easily find back some of my own older posts,
In order to make this blog Easier to Navigate I created besides
a Most Popular Posts List

Easily Find
What - You - Like to Read the Most

So this way it's a lot easier to simply just click on
the blogpost titles that - You - find Intersting to read,
instead of only showing you only
the Most Popular.

Also recently I created some improvements
so that

You can easily find the Short Stories
on this Blog.

'So hope you like it,
feel free to let me know.'

What does your Writer's Kit Look like?
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh..., and yeah..., there is also
An Actual - Responsive - Readership!

In a Previous post about

Discovering Explosive Growth

I have been Pleasantly Surprised about finding out
that I already had a pretty amazing +400% Unique Visitor Increase,
and my being a little disapointed about Writers
not being very - Responsive - might have been
a totally wrong conclusion!

As you can read in a post titled:

Now Everybody Can Comment On this Blog

Besides a +400%
Unique Visitor Increase,
This Blog Also Does Have A - Responsive - Readership...!!!

Because there actually also already have been some Writers Comments on Posts,
like for example on my post about being Conversational
and on the post titled: Talking about Footstep Fiction

What Makes - You -'Stick Arround' On a Blog...?

As you can see here on the left side in the Most Popular Posts List
one of the posts you can find there is about
making your blog 'Sticky'

In that post you can read about
How You Can Make Your Blog 'Sticky'

by showing you some of the techniques you can use
to make your blog more Enjoyable for your readers to visit,
or even Enthousiatic enough to actually Bookmark your blog as Favorite.

Especially now you can Easily find the Short Stories all together in
one place on this Blog.

Talking about - Sticking - ...,

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'O.K. Really let's get Conversational and write
about what makes - you - Stick Arround on a Blog...???

(Or write about what makes you Scream & Shout,
and wants you to Run away from this Blog...??? :))

What does your Writer's Kit Look like?
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Huh..., What...??? You can Actually See Some Explosive Growth...!!!

As you could read in my posts about

Footstep Fiction

you could discover about this Reality Anticipating
type of writing, and how sometimes the fantacy is paving the way
for a reality in progress! (and sometimes reality
can even exceed fantacy!)

In my previous post just as an example I wrote (about what
I initially thought to be - fictional -) Explosive Growth
Only I originally thought that - while indeed
I knew about a little growth
- that it wasn't something
I could really call that Explosive yet.

Infact I felt somewhat dissapointed what the seemingly lack
of participation I have seen on this blog.

Seeing that writers (where I expected to find
a much higher participation)
actually seemed to be
less keen on Writing Comments


Participate in Inspiration & Developing Ideas

than what I see on several of my other blogs...!!! Also - although I have
seen some visitors on a daily basis, I wasn't yet that impressed
by the amount of visitors. I was even wondering if it was
even worth bothering to write that many fresh new posts!

Than Discovering that Lot's of Readers actually
did try to participate as you can read about in
a post titled:

Now Everybody Can Comment On this Blog

Real Substantial Growth
in the Amount of - Unique Visitors!!! -

So you can imagine my surprise that - while checking
the stats
- that compared to the amount of Unique Visitors from January
to the amount of visitors in August (not even entirely over yet)

'the growth in Unique Visitor Amount
has been more than
400% ....!!!!'

I do think that actually is pretty amazing!
Also (since May) I also see an growth
in the amount of actual Returning Visitors!</i>

O.K. while it all initially looked as 'Baby Steps'
it's going a lot faster than I thought.

Also read about our Growing Collection of CARDS 

a few other interesting blog posts....,

More News About Our CARDS, E-CARDS & DIY (E)CARDS ! ! !

Start Your Own Witing Business By Becomming a Blogger

Blogging Essential for your Inspiration & Idea Developement

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Looking for Spell- and Grammar Checkers and things like that.

Computer Support?

O.K. I probably should edit
the tiny little story I recently wrote,
only currently I don't like to do any Editing or Proofreading.
Since I do know that there are special computer programmes
that can assist in all kind of way's, instead I will look
if there possibly is some kind of online editing support
or something like that...,

After doing some websurfing I discovered that there is indeed
a number of Online Spell- (and Grammar) Checkers,
it's even possible to offer it as a service myself on this website.
Only that looks somewhat complicated (and costly) to implement
especially when you want to run it from your own server.

All possibly interesting things only not for now...,

Developing Proofreading Skills

It probably can't hurt to develope some more Proofreading skills
Recently I helped checking somebody elses (letter) writing,
and I do think that I really did help to make it
very sharp and clear.

'So possibly it's not that I can't Proofread,
only that I am not so good at proofreading my own stuff'

A Fresh Look

Years ago when I worked at a Big Record Company I checked
the writing of a collegue and he checked my writing before
we faxed it to all the Music Retailers. Some how it seems
a lot easier to Proofread other people writing than my own.
So I probably put it a side for a while and look at it some
other time and look at it with a Fresh Look.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Welcome Readers! Thank You, Thank You,
You Are a Fantastic Audience!

In my previous post I wrote a tiny little attempt
of writing a Short Story titled:
Air Traffic Control, What's Out There
And just as a Starting Pop Artist that starts performing
on a small stage,

'The Crowd Went Wild...!!!'

Well, possibly 'wild', only not yet that
much from enthusiasm for the Short Stories.

So the response to the Short Stories isn't yet
that impressive, the amount of visitors to this
blog is,

Some of you even do write
Comments & Replies on blogposts.

Expressing Phase (EP)

Since in my 'Expressing Phase' - to be able
to keep in the 'Flow'
- I wasn't really looking
at the spelling,

So I run it through a spellchecker and there
are a lot more spelling errors than I expected. Anyhow now
Air Traffic Control, What's Out There
at least has been spellchecked.

Publishing Phase (PP)

4) Next Step is
to do some more editing...,

'And oh no you got to be kidding,
also spell check this new Post...?'

O.K. I do think that I will need an Office Manager soon...!!!
Or just speak my ideas into a Memo Recorder and send it to a
Transcription Service like for example although
that looks like a somewhat expensive way,

'Btw anybody out there that has any experience
with using such services for their writing...???'

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Air Traffic Control, What's Out There?

O.K. here is an experiment of a Short Story in the making.

(below the story you can find 'The Making Off'.)

Actually it might still be a little to Short
for a Short Story it's just the 'Raw Diamond'
or piece of Coal or whatever you want to call it....,

Anyway, here it is, it's titled:

Air Traffic Control,
What's Out There?

The Red sports car came around the corner with great speed,
people walking on the side walk - blinded by the sun reflecting
in the windshield - nearly had time enough to jump away to escape.
Than with the tires making a high pitched sound the car came
to a sudden stop while making a terrible screeching noise
crashing against the ladder I was standing on.

Than in a flash I looked at the ladder under me that was
launching me through the air like a rocket in a direction
that I didn't yet know. I was flying in the air and like
a cat that can turn himself around in the air when falling
to be able to make a perfect landing, I was trying to do
something similar. The speed that I was falling with was
making me notice how the wind was blowing against my skin,
making me feel like a fighter plane pilot that just
ejected from his plane. I was wondering about what advice
birds could give me in this situation, 'flapping my wings?'
that didn't seem to be working for me that well. Lets think,
lets think real quick! Oh.., aaaaah..., Yes! I need
to 'Glide' towards that tree!

'O.K. lets - hug - the tree now', 'Ready for impact...!'

How do you ever prepare for something like this, I do
think that I need to rely on my instincts

'YES' 'The Eagle has Landed!'

'NO' 'The Eagle Slides!!!'

'YES!' 'I am hanging in the branches of the tree!'

'Naaaaa' I am falling to the ground with my hands pointing down!
'Huh....?' my hands touch something in mid air! What on earth
is happening? Now with my hands I am leaning on something in
the air, with my feet still hanging in the tree! What just
happened? What am I leaning on? It looks like a UFO, Yes it
must be a UFO, without a shadow of a doubt it really looks
like an UFO! Sure I have been rescued by tiny aliens! no it's
much to small for a UFO, You see it's just a street lantern.
O.K. so far so good, I am standing on my hands with
my feet in the tree, now 'hug' the street lantern,
While grasping for air I just make a swing and Yes,
hanging on the lantern now.

Pffff..., I do think that it's time for just a little rest,
relaxing a little hanging on a street lantern. What shall I
do now, read a newspaper?, already read it this morning,
Stock Markets Dropping, Mmm, don't like the word dropping!
Shall I reach for my cell phone and call somebody? Now some
of the people that where walking on the side walk that where
barely recovered from their own jumping away adventure came
to help. Hanging there with my feet hanging down, my feet felt
something, near the top somewhat halfway the lantern was
a sign that indicated that there was a side walk. When I put
my feet on it, I noticed that I could slide down, now only
hanging halfway the lantern only making it a small jump. At
the same time the people from the 'side walk incident'
came to help me to make a soft landing.

'The Making Off'

To come up with ideas for Short Stories, for finding possible
'writing Prompt' I came up with the idea to read
a Newspaper to look for titles and articles to get a little
inspiration, I read something about the Stock Market falling
down..., and

I just started with writing about what
I wanted to write like this:

I just want to write a compelling Short Story
that people can enjoy reading.

So to be able to do that I think that I need
at least some basic things to aim for to be able to establish
something like that:

So I have thought about some random boundaries:

1) first of all I want to make it somewhat spectacular just
as with James Bond movies, so I will begin with a spectacular
action opening making people wonder 'What is Happening'
and what will come next
Just as I wrote about in
The Secret To Writing Success.

2) than there has to be some sort of time pressure
somebody falling down from a cliff or something like that,
in his way down, (read in the Newspaper about
the Stock Markets dropping.)

3) than I want it to have a surprising ending.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

What Do You Think Makes Reading Short Stories
The Most Enjoyable?

When I think about expressing myself through writing, there usually
are so many ideas that come up and fly through my mind
that I don't find it easy to actually do any writing.

What to Focus On?

Also I don't find it easy to Focus on any specific type of writing
to express myself. I even tried my hands on Song Writing
actually writing Lyrics to Music,
and a lot of other types of writing.

Since I also enjoy Photograpy
as you can see on DigitalCamera-Ideas
and since as far as I understand Short Stories usually are more
like a 'Snapshot' of only one specific event or moment,
I was wondering about how I might be able to make use of my power
of observation to possibly focus on writing Compelling Short Stories.

A Tiny Step Towards a Short Story

Or maybe more of a 'Footstep' of a Story...,


I have written some other things that probably look more
as actual Short Stories than this, only currently
I write at my 'Rooftop Office'
and I currently don't have it on this computer I am working on
right now.

So to have atleast something to show, you can find
a tiny little 'Fantasy Story' (or as you can expect
from a writer like me - creating my own Genre - (part fictional,
part reality or reality anticipating) 'Footstep Fantacy' :))
A tiny little Story about a The Writers Lifestyle
and Writers Workspaces that Inspire

You can also have a look at a
Making Off... of
a Short Story.

And you can find some
other ones on the

Short Story Page

(That you can find near
the top of this blog.)

What is Your Experience
with Reading Short Stories?

What do you think makes Short Stories
the most enjoyable to read?

Or What Experiences Do I Need to Create For Readers
to make it the Most Enjoyable to read?

To Write - Your - Comments, simply click the Comments-Link here below:
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