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Monday, May 12, 2014

6 Powerful Techiques To Make
Your Blog Atractive & 'Sticky'

Welcome Back!

This Months
Round Up:

This Month You Could read
Blog Posts - Amungst
Other things
- about:

* Discovering
(Funny) Greeting Card Writing

* What Type of Writer You Are!

* Discovering Blogging as
An Exciting - Platform - To Work From

* And in this posts you can read about


'You might think, what's this
Stickiness all about...? O.K. thanks for
asking, this Post is about

getting attention...,'


A Big Benefit from
an Atractively 'Sticky' Blog is,

that it gets your Attention while
there are lot's of other blogs to choose from.
when you want to

Start Using your Blog
As a - Platform - to Work From

In order to get your Readers Attention,

In this Blogpost you will discover
Practical Techniques to do this.

1) Create Attention Grabbing
Titles, that Make it Exciting
To Stick Around:

And for example like some of the
Blog post Titles you can Discover
on this blog, like;

* The Secret
To Writing Success

* Tips for
Writing a Bestseller

Or Discover a slightly more
Engaging Blog post title,

* 4 Engaging Way's
for Writing Short Filler Articles
To Create Your Own
Published Work 'Clipping File'

Besides Attention Grabbing Titles, you can also
simply make use of Attention Grabbing Photographs,
for example Stock Photo's
Like you can read about in:

Do You Know
Bloggers Are Looking for Digital Photo's?

(BTW talking about drawing attention,

Photo Frames themselves
are great help to draw attention to
your Photo's, for example with a

Special Picture Frame Key Chain or
any other great Photo Frames you can discover.)

Solutions for Making
Your Blog More Attractive:

First thing that you can learn about blogging is
that Blogging is a way of communicating
information, and that you can create it into
an 'Online Community'.

Your Blog as a Place where you enjoy hanging out,

In this case you can hang out with People
that enjoy a Happy, Healthy & Rich Lifestyle.
And especially when you bought

The VISION (e)Book
(that you can Preview for FREE by clicking the link)

Or People that for example choose to run their own Business(es),
Enjoy Travel,
Writing, Music/Movies
and persue a Healthy Lifestyle.

'Definitely looks like themes that
can make you excited enough to stick around
don't YOU think....?'

2) Popularity, Easy Navigation and
Easy to Read:

Easy Navigation is important when
you start learning about How to Blog,

'It can help a lot when you
see that your Blog is Popular'

For example having: Comments & Replies from Readers
and a 'Most Popular Posts' List.

(as you can see on this Blog ;))

Near the top of this Blog and the 'Search by Keyword'
that you can find on the left side of this Blog, all intended
to make it a better experience for you
to enjoy your stay on this Blog.

Also the Amazon Search Box here
in the Left Side Bar, can make things
Better and easier for you, and can help
you to easily find the Products
that you want. It also is a well known
Company that most people already know
and are familiar with.

It's also my aim to use attention grabbing Titles,
Sub-headings, and possibly also make use of

and using enough white spaces, (and as you
can see on this blog, a light and easy to the
eye background color)
to help make
the posts on this Blog easy to read.

'Or using Quotes or - as you can see here - put a Border around your text, to put a little more emphasis on some things'

'So that you can easily find EXACTLY
what YOU WANT to read
on this Blog instantly and easily!'

3) Provide Lot's of
Exciting Reading that Makes
You want to Become
a Return Visitor:

(BTW a book titled:

Writing that Works
can be a great writing help.)

At the end of each blog post you can also
Provide a little list of 'Other Related Posts'
to you can enjoy.

This Blogspot is specifically about 'The Writing Lifestyle',
for example about

Writing Fillers for Magazines
and about

Tips for writing
a Bestseller

things like that...,

Wanting to make it into 'An Online Community'
that makes you want to Re-visit
this Blog (or these Blogs) on a regular basis.

For this you do have to make the Blog(s) 'Sticky'
meaning making it attractive and compelling enough
for you to return.
You can also do this by Creating Anticipation,
for example with frequent Fresh Content,
Interesting Announcements and things like
Returning Items that can help creating
Curiousity & Anticipation

With for example

Daily Items like:

'Thought of the Day',

and 'Quote of the Day'

as you can discover
on the

Home Page

Interesting Topics that make
you want to write Comments & Replies,
and makes you want to know what
other Commenters & Repliers wrote....,

To get a

Responsive Readership
that Likes to 'Stick Around' on your Blog.

And also has plenty of links to 'Other Related Posts'
and an Ability to Easily find other Intersting Blogposts

For example by looking at the Most Popular Posts-list,
or with looking in the Blog Archive
to search on Keywords,

to make it even more interesting to have a look at any of
the other posts so that you frequently can make your visit
more like a 'Day Trip'

'So be sure to pack a lunch...! :)'

4) Make Sure to Have an
Author's Box:

Make sure to check out the Author's box below this post,
this is a great place to share some information about
you as an author and, about

Your Big or Small

Writing Successes

Or as you can see, for navigation tell about
how you can also find other
realated blogposts.

'Nothing is More Attractive than Being
Your Authentic Self!'

(Dawn Gluskin)

5) Have an About Page:

You also want to

Think About What
You Want to Put
On Your
About Page to make it
possible to better Position your Blog,
making it easy for you to know
what type of blogposts and resources
you can expect
to find.

(Btw. feel free to have a look at my
About Page)

To make it easier for your readers to
understand What You Can Expect
to Read
on your blog.

You Can Also Add A
Comment Reminder Box:

With a Comment Reminder Box you can simply
explain your reader that you can write

Comments & Replies
and how it works.

As you can also read about
in the post titled:

Introducing the Comment Reminder Box

6) Be Thankful for
your Comments & Replies:

As you can see below the Authors Box,
You also will see a

for Commenting Message


Here above you can find interesting
Facts, Ideas & Techniques
that can help you to make your
Blog more attractive for your readers.

Also when you make it Interactive,
and look at your readers feedback it can help to
constantly keep on improving, and discover
more about what your readers want.

That's why your Comments & Replies
are Welcome.

Also when you get what you want,
you will be more inclined to
look at the Products & Services that you have
to offer.

On this

Writing Lifestyle Blogspot
you can read all about

Blogging as an Exciting
Writer's Lifestyle

Or a Laptop Lifestyle that's

real Dynamic and Mobile
As you can check out in this

Exciting Video

(BTW. as you can see also Video
and (Photo) Images
can be great content that can get
the attention of you as a reader.
I actually work on Creating
a Photo Stock Collection

With great and exciting content
you can build on your

Writing Success

So I thought that it couldn't hurt to read a report
about how you can get a blog up and running,
to actually find out How to Blog,
and how to make
compelling blogposts,

To be able to get

Responsive Readers
That like to

Discover Blogposts
About Interesting Topics

that can

and are just Fun, Entertaining, Exciting
and Interesting to Read.

(BTW talking about Responsive Readers,
Feel free to Share some of your own
Tips & Ideas about how you make
your Blog interesting to read, at the
end of the post by writing
your Comments & Replies.)

Thanks For Your Stay,

Make Sure to Bookmark this Blog As Favorite
To (Re)Visit Frequently

Making it attractive for both 'First Time Visitors'
and 'Regular Visitors' that are already familiar
with the Blog(s). So far this 'Stickiness' I have to keep
the Blog(s) fresh with frequent updates, and new Blogposts,
and linking to other posts or resources,

for this I have to provide the visitors with something interesting and
exciting to read making it my ongoing Writing Assignment.

'Make it Rewarding for your
Visitor to Visit Frequently, and make them
feel Special, don't alway's give access to all the content
at once, and build anticipation alway's giving them
plenty of reasons to keep on comming back'

You can also organise things like
Online Contests or for example interesting
Free Give Away's like providing
your readers a Free Preview,
as an opportunity to get a good idea
about what they can expect
from your product when
they actually buy it.

Just as you can do when you have a look at:

The VISION (e)Book
that you could read about previously that
you can Preview
for FREE by clicking Preview-link
just below the Cover-Image
that you can find in the

So that besides only the Title,
also other info like for example
a Table of Contents with Page Numbers,
and an

Introduction that
tells you some more about what you can
expect from reading it.

(That btw. you can also read on the
Upcomming Events Page where
you can also read

The Intro, and some of
the First Pages

You Can Also Have A Look
At The Readers Feedback:

At the Bottom of this blogpost you can read
a few readers Comments & Replies and you can also
have a look at some of the Readers Replies
that I got in a Forum Posts about this topic

in the link here directly below:

Making Your Blog Attractive to Re-visit


In an Upcoming Post you will read
More about the actual Blogging,
Inspiration & Idea Development
a Blog post titled:

Blogging for Your
Inspiration & Idea Development

Feel Free to Tell
How You Liked Your Stay

Btw. what do you do to make - Your Blog - Sticky?
let me know by writing your COMPELLING COMMENT(S)
(BTW You can put in your 'signature link'
if you want to 'Advertise' you own Site or Blog.)

'When you found this Post helpful,
or you know somebody that you think might like to
Make some extra money with Blogging or wants to Start
their own Business,

Please help sharing this Post with
Others - by clicking - on the 'Mail To Icon'
you can find below this Post.'

To Write - Your - Comments, simply click the Comments-Link here below:

With the - One Click - Bookmarker
On the Left You Can Easily Bookmark This Blog,

So You Can Frequently Check Out This Blog
For - Crispy Fresh - New Blogposts

(Also for Just Browsing, Looking
on Keywords etc. etc.)

Or to check out the...,

Other Related Posts
That You Sure Will Like, When You Enjoyed
Reading This Post:

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Writing Articles to Build your Brand

Now Everybody Can Comment on this Blog

Thank You You Are a Fantastic Audience

This Blog Is Now Better Organised

What Do You Think Makes Reading Short Stories the Most Enjoyable?

Dynamic Writing

Other Interesting Links:


Great Links

Upcoming Events

MORE >>>>>

* Discover Practical Writers Tools in the
Writer's Kit


  1. Thanks for the information in your blog posted.
    Regarding by.
    Life Style

  2. Thanks,

    Yes, for this Blog it's my aim to provide interesting info concerning 'The Writers Lifestyle', with useful information and resources, while aiming to provide
    the INFO in a 'Sticky Way' with
    Easy Navigation.

    I enjoy receiving FEED-BACK from the Guests on this Blog and - as you can see - I from time
    to time I do take the time to actually
    write replies.

    All the Best,
    To your Happy Inspiration,

  3. The best way to keep your blog sticky is to have great content, it doesn't need to be every day, but once or twice a week is good, but make sure it's really good. If people find themselves wanting more from you, it will be better for you.

  4. Yes, it's my aim to provide great content by providing Answers to Questions as you can also see on the FAQ Page. As you can see I also look at the comments (and replies on comments) that I get on Blogposts.

  5. Thanks, you also might like to have a look on the Geat Links page.

  6. Hi folks if you want to get your blog ranked on google page 1 in les than 7 minutes! have a read of my post ime sure youle find it very interesting please share if you like it


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