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'You can find out more about
Speaking on Cruise Ships in
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Currently nothing scheduled.

For people that think about possibly
doing Presentations about
their own Experience & Expertise, Book(s)
You might like to have a look at
the Great (Frequently Passionate) Speakers
you can see in action at:
there you will find a great source of Inspiration
for giving your own presentations!

might be something you would like to check out.

might also be helpful for getting
inspiration for your presentations.

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Other News:

- here below -

a Happy Healthy & Rich Lifestyle

'O.K. this Title might sound a little Cheezy,

or as a Get Rich Quick Scheme, It's nothing like that...,

It's actually somewhat Philosphical, and written in an Inspiring,

Fact Filled, Fun and Entertaining way'

That’s one of the sources where my Inspiration came from
to begin with. I worked as a Creative Sales Support Employee
at one of the Biggest Entertainment Companies in the World.

(Today it is called “UNIVERSAL” that btw you can
freely translate as 'Uni-Verse'
or 'One Song', and you probably
will be somewhat familiar with the World Image
that you have seen during any of
your Movie Theatre visits.)

I guess I must have been Inspired
by being around such Extremely Inspiring People with
also frequently incredible Abundant
and Wealthy Lifestyles.

Here below you can Preview it's ...,


If you look at successful pop stars, you sometimes start to wonder
how it is possible to live in such abundant wealth.
How is this possible? How do they do it? What is their secret?
Although wealth does not automatically equals Happiness, to
be able to live such a rich lifestyle is an interesting thought.
I have worked at one of the biggest Record Companies in the world,
and had the privilege to observe and work with such extremely
successful people. Somehow I just knew that from my experience
there had to be a story to tell.

This E-book is the result of my wish to get instant results in just
a few simple steps…., The first step for me was about wanting to
get instant results, I wanted to know if it was possible to earn
some money online by creating a simple E-book about my experience,
just a small E-book that I could sell online and that would not
take me an enormous effort to produce. But how would I ever be
able to create an E-book that is of value to people, that people
would be willing to actually buy and be interested to read?

How could I create something of value? Just by asking this specific
question my creative juices began to flow. I was going to build
on the things that I already thought a lot about, things that
I read about, did research on and had already written about.
I discovered that these things might be interesting and useful
for a lot of other people too.

I discovered that the things I wrote about did contain a lot
of advice that I myself could actually use too. I could even
make use of my brand new digital camera I bought for my
recent vacation on the Canary Islands. I could use my background
as a Creative Sales Support Employee at one of the
biggest Record (Entertainment) Companies in the world,
and my experience as a photo editor might add even more value
to my first E-book with a nice cover picture. (After all
there’s now Business like Show Business)

Just like concentrated washing powder it didn’t have to be
an enormously big E-book with a lot of pages. Sometimes you
see a huge package washing powder, and a much smaller package
of concentrated washing powder that has the same washing power
as the big one. I am aiming for it to let this E-book work
the same. Hopefully you experience my (E)book as an inspiration
to create your own VISION for a Happy, Healthy & Rich LifeStyle.

You can Preview a few more Pages
and Look at the Table of Content at:

a Happy Healthy & Rich Lifestyle

Or else you can also just simply buy it at:

A VISION for a Happy Healthy & Rich Lifestyle
It isn't very expensive,

You can also read a little about
some of my Experience & Expertise
on the About Page
and also - as you already
seen here above
- in:

'the Vision'

Support independent publishing: buy this e-book on Lulu.

Using Photography
for Vision Boarding:

With a Vision Board you can create a
visual representation of things that you
feel excited about, to help you to
get focused on things you want to

When you want to read more about Digital Photography
for your VISION BOARDING you definitely
want to have a look at:
  • Digital Camera-ideas

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