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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Why You Want To Discover Blogging,
As an Exciting - Platform - To Work From?

for checking out this
Exciting post,

As a Writer you are constantly looking for Great Opportunities
and Ideas to Develop, so keep reading because,
I have Great News for You,

With - Blogging - You Can Create Your
Own Opportunities!

Here's a List of Some
Of the Many Blogging Benefits:

* Offers You Valuable Content, Blog post about
Interesting topics you enjoy reading, a Most Popular Posts List,
Search Boxes, Service Pages etc. etc.

* Offers You an Opportunity
to Discover many things you can do with a Blog.

* Allows You to give your own Readers Feedback.

* Also Shows You what others have to say,
by the feedback from other readers.

* Gives You and opportunity to share
info with friends.

* Provides You additional Services and
Practical Products that use for your writing.

(BTW when you are not yet convinced about
the excitement of Blogging,
in This Special Video you can see

this Exciting and

Type of Writing
in Action!)

'Reason enough to learn more about Blogging
Don't you think...???'

It's even possible to

Sell Your Own (e)Book(s)
Like for example

the one I wrote based on
My Experience
in the Music Business.

Or other practical Products or Services.

For example just check out

This Selection
of the Practical

Writing Tools
That can help to make you a
Successful Writer.

Or some of the Exciting Super Electronic (Travel) Gadgets there are for Writers

(Btw. feel free to Share
Your Own Favorites at the end of this Post.)

Blogging is
an Exciting

Dynamic Way of Writing!

How I Discovered Blogging:

I actually discovered blogging as a
way to keep in contact with friends
during vacations, (descriptive) writing
about travel destinations,

Somewhat like writing
Vacation Postcards, or like
Greeting Card Writing

Doing Blogging about travels,
and that way discovering about
all kinds of other things
you can do with blogging.

For example,

'When you look at the Most Popular Posts here
on the Left side of this blog,

Or in any of the other posts you can
find on this Blog
You can discover that....,'

You Can Use Your Blog
For All Kinds of Exciting
Entrepreneurial Activities:

When you are familiar with
surfing on the web once in a while,

You will discover that a lot of
Successful Entrepreneurs
have their own blogs, and use it as a

- Platform -
for all kinds of
Entrepreneurial Acticities,

For example as a

Freelance Entrepreneur/- Writer, you can
start with writing

Short Filler Articles,
for Newspapers & Magazines
, or doing things like

Travel Writing

Selling Stock Photo's Online

Greeting Card Writing

Or as a Blogger,

Writing Book Reviews
In a Relaxed Way

Or for example as a place you can use
for Offering Practical

Products & Services. from.
Or Offer things like

Speaking, Consulting,
Coaching, Training (Courses)

making it
into a Lifestyle,
a (Mobile)

Laptop Lifestyle

Making it into a Place to be able to Interact
with your Customers, and Potential Customers.

Making it possible to build your Blog
Into a

'Self-Reliant House'

Great for Getting Inspiration
& Developing Ideas:

As you can read about in a Blog post

Getting Inspiration & Developing Ideas

It can make you Enthusiastic about
working on your Writing Projects.
and your Writing Success

Offering Blog posts
That Can Inspire Your Readers:

'Get Excited and Enthusiastic About Your Own Dream.
- The Excitement is Like a Forest Fire - You Can Smell It,
Taste It, and See it From a Mile Away.'

(Denis Waitley).

On this blog you can find out all
about Blogging, and about
several other types of Writing.

For example in the Featured Posts
near the top of this Blog, or any of the
Posts that you can find in the Archive

For example those

the Most Popular Posts-List,

Or you can Search in the Keyword Cloud
or with the Search Box,
You can find here in

the Left Side Bar
of this Blog

(BTW. how about taking it for
a 'Spin' right now!!??)

Getting to Know
Your Readers:

It's my aim to make blog posts Conversational

And sharing with you some of the

Secrets to
Writing Success

'It's always great to see your Comments & Replies
Because that's the great thing about Online Blogging,
it can give me a better idea about what
Info you like to see on this Blog....,

(and what else than getting your Book Published - Like you can
see in the Top 3 Bestselling Book Industry Books
here on the Left Side Bar -
you want to see on this blog,)

Or for example if you care anything
about when I write you a post about:

4 Engaging Way's for Writing Fillers for Magazines
Or write you a post about one of my first writing
that actually got published in a somewhat more
Large Scale Publication as you can read about
in a post titled:

The Secret
to Writing Success

or when I write you about my experience with

Writing a Book Review or any of the
other posts you can find in the (- Cool -)
Most Popular List here in the
Left Side Bar, or with any of the other
places mentioned previously

And it goes without saying that you can
also find some of your Questions already
answered on the

It's also great to hear from you, what products and services
you find interesting, perhaps you are
for example very enthusiastic about some of the

Super Electronic Gadgets for Writers or
you might like to tell all about your
Favorite Writing Books.

It might even be something to put into:

Your Writer's Kit

Although I can also already get a General Idea
about what products and services you might find interesting,
by just looking at the Orders Reports, for example when I compare
the Product Link Clicks with the actual
Product Link Conversions...,

It already gives an Idea about
what things you are the most
enthusiastic about.

'Without Leaps of Imagination or Dreaming,
We Loose the Excitement of Possibilities.
Dreaming, After all is a Form of Planning'.

(Gloria Steinem)

Making the Blog posts
into real conversations

Comments & Replies:

When it's in a

Conversational way, it's a lot more
Joyful to get your direct feedback, and to get
a much better idea about what you like or dislike, so feel free
to write about whatever is on your mind.'
So I can see how I can
help you with

Creating Writing Success

And even providing you with
things like

Tips for
Writing a Bestseller
and Lot's of
Blog posts and other resources.

For what building my brand is concerned
recently I wrote something about How
you can start up a Business without
the need for big Start up Costs:

You can discover a mobile

Laptop Lifestyle

When you

Discover this Lifestyle
You will have the advantage that you
hardly need to have any Start Up Costs, and you
can even Start it up as just pleasant extra income stream
while you are working in a Job.

You can for example start
with one Blog
Possibly even Scale Up with also
other blogs later.

With a Blog you can create a great - Platform -
for all kinds of interesting Entrepreneurial Activities,

You can start your own (Mobile)

Laptop Lifestyle

And you can for example discover
how you can

(Pre)Sell Products (or Services) Online
Something that Lot's of
Online Bloggers do.

It can help when you Know something
about the products you want to write

a Product Review

about, like for example since I do write on

myself, as being a Laptop Fan myself, on this Blog
I like to (pre) sell those.
(For example as you can see in
the 'Soap Box' in the left Side Bar on this blog)

and under it you can actually find a link where you can find out
more details about such a product, about things like:
technical specifications, or any of the great
Special features, the delivery methods, payment options etc. etc.
and how you can easily buy them.

(You will also find an example of
(pre) selling a Product in a post
on this blog soon.)

(BTW. you can also find Products
with the Amazon Search Box
In the Side Bar
on the left side of this blog.)

Or for example you could write your Product Reviews

Public Speaking

You can also offer all kinds of other Products
and Services,

For example with the help of

Readers feedback you can discover how you can for example
create some positive changes (or look for) interesting 'Tailor Made'
(info) products offering Solutions to Problems for a specific niche,

Or you could offer things like Consultancy, Events, Courses/Trainings,
or you could even put up a special
page where you can communicate that people can hire you

for Public Speaking on (Tele) Seminars
and things like that. I do think that most Successful Bloggers
actually earn a lot more money with such Highly Interesting
and more Involving 'Back End' Products
than with Only selling Affiliate Products.


Today you have seen that this Blog actually has
Some Popular Posts you don't want to Miss Out on! :)

That you - among other things - learned from it:

- That you can build it as just as
an extra income stream, or as
an actual exciting enterprise.

That you can discover an Exciting

Laptop Lifestyle

for developing all kinds of
Exciting Entrepreneurial Activities.

- That a Laptop(or Other Practical Mobile Computers)
can be a Great Investment for
building your own Home Business.

(You don't Instantly have to buy one, you can also
Just Have a Look at Some of those Laptops
Or use the Search Box in the Left Side Bar
to find the equipment you want to look at, to get
a feel about what they cost, or just to find out about

Laptop Specifications
or for example the specifications of a specific
Tablet you want etc. etc.

you possibly might like to go for,
or would like to save some money for.)

- That this Blog is interesting enough to Bookmark
and interesting to Share with others :)

Talking about - Sharing with others - :

'When you found this Post helpful,
or when you know somebody that you think might like to
Make some extra money with Blogging or wants to Start
their own Business, Please help sharing this Post with
Others - by clicking - on the 'Mail To Icon'
you can find below this Post.'

What to Do Next...???

'(Besides writing your own Comments & Replies or Checking out
any of the Comments and Replies others wrote
on this particular blog post...,)

There is also something else
that you can do.....,')

Just as you could read about in the post titled:
The Secret to Writing Success,
What comes - Next - is an Important Question,

'The Answer...???'

You might find some of your Questions
already Answers at the

FAQ-Page and other wise, feel free
to just ask them by simply writing your comment on a
topic related blog post and make sure you include
a link to your blog.

You also might want to have a look at
a great Laptop
or for example the specifications of a specific
Tablet as mentioned before or
have a look at any of the other

Practical Tools for Writers
you can find at the

Writer's Kit? Page.

Did You Find This
Post Interesting....???

When you did find this post interesting,
or you think you might know somebody that
you think would also like to read it

You can can send this page to
a friend with the link that you can
find near the bottom
of this blog.


In Upcoming Posts you
can read about some new,
Inspiring, Blogging &
Writing Related Topics,

And Comments & Replies
from - you ? -

Your Thoughts?

'Do you use a Blog
As your - Platform - To Work From?,
and What are you Favorite Writing Tools
in your

Writer's Kit?
feel free to tell all about it
by writing your Compelling Comment.'


In Upcoming Posts you
can read about some new,
Inspiring, Blogging &
Writing Related Topics,

To Write - Your - Comments, simply click the Comments-Link here below:

With the - One Click - Book marker
On the Left You Can Easily Bookmark This Blog,

So You Can Frequently Check Out This Blog
For - Crispy Fresh - New Blog posts

(Also for Just Browsing, Looking
on Keywords etc. etc.)

Or check out the,

Comments & Replies
from other readers or the...,

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* Discover Practical Writers Tools in the
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  1. I Interested to see your website. And I Consious to read tht posting great man. Thanks to update

  2. Yes, on this Blog you can see a lot of info about Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and the
    Writer's Lifestyle.

    Btw. thanks for your Appointment Cards Link, it reminds me of my idea to possibly write some Future posts about

    - Greeting Card Writing -

    1. (Btw. in the mean time..., in the post titled: Open-up Books, - Laptops and Greeting Cards you can actually read some more about some of the special possiblitities Greeting Card Writing has.)

  3. Very informative article for people who are new to this Domain.

    1. 'Talking
      about informative...,'

      It's also possible to - besides writing Comments - to also write >>> Replies <<< to other Commenters aswell, and make it into actual Conversations

  4. Thanks,

    Yes, it's my aim to provide interesting and valuable information for Writers on this blog,

    Btw. it also might be an interesting idea for Writers in particular to look into the possible 'Fruits' you could get with participating in Focus Groups, since most writers usually are already somewhat familiar with doing - Research - and usually also work on Laptops etc. etc.

    Making it a possible interesting additional activity you could do besides working on a Writing Business.

  5. As you can see in one of the previous comments I wrote back, I wrote about possibly writing a Future Post about Greeting Card Writing and as you can see the next post is titled: Opening up Books, Laptops and Greeting Cards with amung other things some interesting info about Writing Greeting Cards

  6. A blog is a great gateway to find customers, buyers or even more opportunities to write at other websites for money. Like you mention you don't need money to start it up, that is why there are so many, but if you keep your blog up and market it right you can make some good money with it, without spending a penny.

  7. Yes, it can definitely be a great way to find more opportunities, and it can be a way for
    Using Your Laptop Profitably and
    to Discover the Laptop Lifestyle

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  9. Thanks for your comment, it's interesting to see that you label my info in a behaviouristic way.

    For what sharing more is concerned, I already did share lot's of posts you can Choose from, as you can also find out at the FAQ-Page where you can already find al kinds of Answers to many Questions.

    In the Future you will probably also find that I share more new posts on this blog, also depending on the 'Dynamics' & Readers Participation on this blog and my other blogs. (Or to state it in a more behaviouristic lingo the 'Blogosphere Environment')

  10. Nice post, thank you for sharing. You have really imparted useful knowledge. A very useful post I must say. Awesome content. I bookmarked it for future reference.

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  12. Nice and great article on focusgroup .yes focus group is best source of extra money.
    I like the writing skill of you. You explain this topic in very good way
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    1. Focus Groups can give insights into what your reader wants,

      We recently did a POLL see

      POLL we did some time ago

  13. Thanks for your Comment, how do you use your writing skills?

    Do you write non-ficition, or ficition both…?

    I use several types of writing, also besides writing
    blog posts, writing Twitter Tweets.

    See Our Most Recent Twitter Tweets


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