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The - Footstep Fiction - Genre
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I once read about the importance of Branding your writing
so because of that I call this type of Short Stories
that you can find on this page - Footstep Fiction -

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Talking About Footstep Fiction
I once actually had a >>>> VISION about becomming

a Bestseller Writer
with an exciting Writer's Lifestyle
and sitting under a Palmtree
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>>>> Laptop Lifestyle

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Writing Equipment like for example things like

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(you can also quickly find out about
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Some of My Attempts of Writing
Short Stories:

'Anyway, here below you can help
Turbo Charge your own Inspiration
and discover...,'

Some of my - Footstep Fiction -
Short Stories:

Rinse and Repeat.

It was late at night, as usual the writer was laying in bed while
typing on his laptop. Except for the wind blowing outside it was
silent enough to be able to almost fully concentrate on writing
without to many of the distractions of the day time....,

Looking for Inspiration:

On his bed beside the laptop where laying around several books one of
the books was a book with Short Stories by Jeffrey Archer.
 The writer had read the paperback book a long time ago during
a vacation, you could see that several pages in the book  had been
in contact with sea water and you could even discover
some actual beach sand between some of the pages.

He just flipped through the book just looking at some of the
stories titles trying to remember them. Hoping that looking
at them would trigger some kind of instant inspiration
for writing a Short Story himself. Unfortunately the stories
didn’t seem to instantly help him with any inspiration at all.

A Cool Breeze of Beach Life:

The memory of the beach however did help.
Memories of Beach Life In his minds eye he got back to the beach,
feeling the warmth of the Sun on his face. Every time when the Sun appeared
to become a little to hot, a cool breeze helped to cool down.
Especially after the occasional swim in the ocean when still wet,
it was an excellent combination of Sun and cool breeze. Also
the ‘sand’ was made from‘seashell dust’ making it nice and cool
on his feet.

An Idea for An Inspiring Writers Workspace:

So what happened at the beach you might ask? Well during one of
the swims to extra cool down, he swam near a nice yacht, wondering
what it would be like when he had bought such a yacht. Imagined
about having a special office for writing onboard on such a yacht.
Just an other nice idea for a great Writers’ Workspace that
could Inspire. Like a Captain on a ship steering his words
into the right direction.

Just imagine writing a little while looking over the horizon to get
a little inspiration and feeling the wind in his face, than after
a while just jumping into the water to cool down and relax. Than
jump onboard again continue writing again and after a while taking
such a short break again, and than ‘Rinse and Repeat’ for real!
This boat was very close to the beach and he could easily swim back
to the shore to lay down and dry in the Sun again until
it was time to cool down again. END (428 words)

Want to Comment on this Short Story...??? You can find the original post at: Rinse & Repeat ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Short Story Factory

That night in the bedroom a little lamp on the night stand was throwing
a little light in the room, while at the same time, also a small sized
television and the writers laptop computer helped to shed a little
extra light into the room...,

An Idea Was Brewing:

Several objects in the room created faint mysterious shadows on the walls,
a sight that alone was enough to suspect that the creation of a compelling Short Story
was about to be born that night. A Short Story that would give readers an insight
into the world of the writer. It would also give an insight into how
the Short Story develops in the writers mind and becomes a reality.

The Birth of a Short Story, in the middle of the room the writer was lying on his bed
with his laptop computer near one of the corners of the bed, with one feet
hanging outside of the bed the writer was laying on his bed behind his laptop.

A Constant Flow of Sound & Images:

The writer was typing on his laptop with near his left elbow the remote control,
that way being able to easily switch channels during commercial breaks.
Basically mainly only listening to the tv while typing, and once in a while
looking up from his laptop screen to see what’s going on tv, or just to switch channels.
That way the writer had a constant flow of sounds and images that could help
to give a little inspiration for his writing.

On A Quest:

Questions, on a quest the writer was asking himself how he could create
a compelling readers experience and provide an insight into the world of
the writer. While asking himself that question, the writer discovered
that the tv program that he was watching wasn’t very inspiring so
he changed channels. A girl getting chased by a man with a dog is
also probably not directly going to help or give any inspiration
for writing something really compelling that can give real insight
into the writing world.

Discovering a Plot:

Although wait a minute that is a chase and a chase is a plot
so that might actually be not such a bad starting point.
Let’s say that the writer is being chased, only the writer
is just laying on his bed typing a Short Story so that probably
isn’t going to work, so time to switch channels again, something
military. Mmmm, the writer could tell the reader something about
writing with military discipline.

O.K.while making the sound of a machine gun on his keyboard the writer
is typing around on his laptop as a military operation to conquer the readers hearts
with his words. Words that will drag you into the writers world
and make you experience every step of the way in the creation of
the Short Story.

Steering the Story Captain!

That definitely is something about the writing world that does
seem to apply, that as a writer you need a certain discipline for being
able to finish a Short Story. Only you also need to have some sort of plot
to make it interesting enough to create some form of successful writing.

Time to switch channels again! Poof, suddenly there was a Sailboat on tv, yeah that
image can provide a great metaphor, the metaphor of a captain
on a ship steering his boat, or the writer that gives his
Short Story direction by using plot. We already had a plot
tonight, a chase, only wouldn’t a quest be a much better plot
to show some interesting insights into the writing world?
Yes, being on a quest that’s something the writer could work
with, a quest looking for way’s to begin a Short Story and to
Finish a Short Story.

The End of the Short Story:

Finishing the Short Story you already know how this Short Story begun, it all begun with
a writer laying on his bed working on a Short Story typing on his laptop
while in-between watching television. Only how did this
Short Story end? Well isn’t it obvious? It simply finishing
the Short Story, O.K. so to be able to do this the writer just
needs one last touch to finish it. So what would that be for a
writer, you might ask? Yes, indeed to do a word count, and that
night our writer finished a 714 words Short Story. END

Want to Comment on this Short Story...??? You can find the original post at: The Short Story Factory --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Air Traffic Control, 
What's Out There?

The Red sports car came around the corner with great speed, people
walking on the side walk - blinded by the sun reflecting in the windshield -
nearly had time enough to jump away to escape. Than with the tires making
a high pitched sound the car came to a sudden stop while making a terrible
screeching noise crashing against the ladder
I was standing on....,

Like Launching a Rocket:

Than in a flash I looked at the ladder under me that was launching
me through the air like a rocket in a direction that I didn't yet know.
I was flying in the air and like a cat that can turn himself around
in the air when falling to be able to make a perfect landing, I was
trying to do something similar. The speed that I was falling with
was making me notice how the wind was blowing against my skin, making
me feel like a fighter plane pilot that just ejected from his plane.

Learn From Birds?

I was wondering about what advice birds could give me in this situation,
'flapping my wings?' that didn't seem to be working for me that well.
Lets think, lets think real quick!

Oh.., aaaaah..., Yes! I need to 'Glide' towards that tree!
'O.K. lets - hug - the tree now', 'Ready for impact...!'
How do you ever prepare for something like this, I do think
that I need to rely on my instincts

'YES' 'The Eagle has Landed!' 'NO' 'The Eagle Slides!!!'
'YES!' 'I am hanging in the branches of the tree!'
'Naaaaa' I am falling to the ground with my hands pointing down!

'Huh....?' my hands touch something in mid air! What on earth
is happening? Now with my hands I am leaning on something in
the air, with my feet still hanging in the tree! What just happened?
What am I leaning on?

An UFO...????

It looks like a UFO, Yes it must be a UFO,
without a shadow of a doubt it really looks like an UFO! Sure I have
been rescued by tiny aliens! no it's much to small for a UFO, You see
it's just a street lantern.

O.K. so far so good, I am standing on my hands with my feet in the tree,
now 'hug' the street lantern, While grasping for air I just make a swing
and Yes, hanging on the lantern now. Pffff..., I do think that it's time
for just a little rest, relaxing a little hanging on a street lantern.


What shall I do now, read a newspaper?, already read it this morning,
Stock Markets Dropping, Mmm, don't like the word dropping! Shall I reach for
my cell phone and call somebody? Now some of the people that
where walking on the side walk that where barely recovered from
their own jumping away adventure came to help. Hanging there with
my feet hanging down, my feet felt something, near the top
somewhat halfway the lantern was a sign that indicated that
there was a side walk.

When I put my feet on it, I noticed that I could slide down, now only hanging
halfway the lantern only making it a small jump. At the same time the people from
the 'side walk incident' came to help me to make
a soft landing. END

Want to Comment on this Short Story...??? You can find the original post at: Air Traffic Control ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Writers Workspaces
That Inspire

'Some years ago I wrote this - part fantasy, part reality - post
about the Writers Lifestyle of a Bestseller Writer and
his Workspaces....,'

It wasn’t at all tidy in his office, it had come to a point that
the workspace didn’t really seem workable and would affect productivity considerably.
This was the point to ask his Assitant
to hire an expert to deal with this problem

The 'Office Make Over'

It soon became clear that his office needed a “make over”, it needed to become
a Fun Place to Be and Inspirational, with enough storage place
for books and magazines to be consulted reguarly.
An 'Office/library' that did sound like a good idea. Eventually they came up with
a special concept of the “Out-door-Home-Office”.
With three desks, and a possibility to open the window in front
of the desk in the middle to give it it’s “Out-door” apperance
and the possibility to sit in the sun while writing.

'Talking about - the Writer's Lifestyle - '
'Or Just to Sit in the Sun in

a Desk Chair during Coffee Breaks.....,'  
(Btw. I actually have a great - Lean Back - Desk Chair 
that is Great for Sitting in the Sun..!!!)

Enjoying A Great Workspaces:

To be able to feel the warmth of the sun on his face and feel

the cool breeze of the wind while writing must have a positive
influence on inspiration. With a cordless keyboard and Mouse he
can easily find a nice spot in the sun and still be able to look
at the screen once in a while. Yes now an interesting workspace
was beginning to take shape. Like Marshall McLuhan
said: “We become what we behold. We shape our tools
and then our tools shape us”
. The door to success.

It is obvious that with this 'Brilliant-Bestseller-Writers-Workspace'
he had one of the

typical tools of
a Bestseller Writer
in his hands. It goes without saying that a fishtank with
tropical fish is also included in his writer’s domain. It can remind him of the fun times
when he writes working onboard of his “Sea Office”, the office on his yacht.
Reminding him of his “Floating on Royalties” methaphor.

Mobile Workspace:

Talking about suitable workspaces he got an E-mail from his
accountant who had some nice pictures of vihicles that provide
a businesslike envirorment to work in. With space for a computer
and a mini-bar and that can offer enough space and comfort
to work while he travels.
On board of a jet he would have enhough space to work and travel
at the same time. But when he is on the road some more working
space would be appropriate. Although with modern mobile electronics
it is a lot easier to transform almost every space into
a suitable workspace.
(Like for example 'Mobile Electronics' as the Laptops
and Notebook Computers
you can see - scrolling down a little -
on the left side of this Blog.)

Writing Success Secret:

You can hardly imagine that a writer would be able to afford
such a luxurious lifestyle just by writing. But that is exactly
the secret of his writing success,
the lifestyle, how to act and a specific way of living.
It is all part of his incredible success,
as you can read about in the tiny little

The VISION eBook
You can Preview it
for FREE
by clicking this link

The Healthy Lifestyle Inspired by a Personal Trainer to Kick-start
his day by running (for example on a great Sunny beach) to start
his day in a peak condition and gets him in a perfect state
to create. (You can find more info on Healthy Lifestyle at:

HP's Healthy Lifestyle)
Or you can actually Experience
Such a "Jogging on the Beach Experience" for yourself
right NOW if you like by going to:

Stunning Photo's
for Jogging Inspiration!

Notes About Facinating Worlds:

Just like the author of Harry Potter has done,
by making a lot of notes about a specific – in her case - ‘Total Fantasie World’.
With a lot of this kind of “Backstory” to be able
to create multiple amazing stories. (To see an interview
with the author of Harry Potter you can go to:

He too has a lot of notes about 'a specific World'
that he can use, but this isn't all Fantasy a lot of it is Real!

It is the 'Bestseller Writers World'.
The Writers Lifestyle, he too
can continue to create a lot of exciting stories, in fact
he just finished one about
'Writers Workspaces that Inspire'.

Want to Comment on this Short Story...??? You can find the original post at: Writers Workspaces that Inspire

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