Sunday, December 29, 2019

Offering You Interesting Blog Posts You Like to Read

In my Quest to Offer you Interesting Blog Posts you like to Read,
I simply wrote a Thread on The Writerscyle Forum,

Asking you

In your answer, I read about the fact
that it's not only about writing Interesting and engaging
blog posts

It's also about getting the word out that we have a blog
with interesting blog post to begin with ! ! !

Getting You Aware Of Our Blogs and
Using Social Media Channels

In other words to get you Aware that we

I Wrote a Comment on a Writing Blog Telling About the Many Special Purpose Notebooks we Have.

In Our Recent Blog post

I did mention JOURNALING, and recently on I wrote a Comment
in a blog post about

Explaining how I like JOURNALS as Great (Christmas) Gift ideas
telling about the fact that we do a lot of JOURNALING

Friday, December 6, 2019

To Get Them In TIME ! ! !

Although this is NOT an Actual Physical Book, 
I (Co)Wrote an E-Report about

                    about Digital Photography

                        with some Background Story
                        about Edelhert Design Studio and how we use Digital Photography for our Designs

You can Buy this E-Report as an PDF

Also have a look at this Publication at Lulu
Listed in Business & Economics        
Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

We also Have This Funny PHOTO-CARTOON

This is One Of the Most Practical Products 

for your CHRISTMAS SHOPPING ! ! ! 

We already wrote a few Posts about
Getting In the CHRISTMAS MOOD, with

Ideas for Christmas Gifts, on our EDS Newsfacts Blog

                                      Like The Practical Easy To Customize 
                                      Christmas Labels you see here below; 

Christmas Meerkat Customizable Address Labels

Christmas Meerkat Customizable Address Labels

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Buy Your CHRISTMAS Labels TODAY ! ! !

We also have this PHOTO-CARTOON Design on several other Great Looking Products for your CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, 

like for example….., 

Christmas Furry Meerkat Menu Invitation
Christmas Furry Meerkat Menu Invitation

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Christmas Meerkat Furry Wine Tote

Christmas Meerkat Furry Wine Tote

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Christmas Meerkat Colored Single Wine Charm

Christmas Meerkat Colored Single Wine Charm

by EdelhertDesignStudio

And for Example this great Looking….,


Besides offering you ideas for your  
own (Christmas Holiday) Publishing Gifts as we wrote about in a previous blog post, 

with the  


                                     we offer you ideas for getting into your 


And we also offer you Many, Many, Many ideas for your

Christmas Shopping ! ! !

Talking about CHRISTMAS MOOD,

Don't forget Ugly Sweater Day,

As you can see in this Tweet here below:

Nr. 3 of our Christmas Theme Designs is about
this Cute Furry Meerkat with Santa Hat,

(BTW, feel free to like & Re-tweet !)

See Many More Meerkat-

with-Santa-Hat Designs ! ! !

Monday, November 18, 2019

Ideas for Making Your Own
(Christmas Holiday) Publishing Gifts

Discover This FUN & Exciting Way 

                         to Make Your Own CHRISTMAS GIFTS ! ! !

As you know we are moving in the Direction
of CHRISTMAS, and we already wrote a few Posts about
Getting In the CHRISTMAS MOOD, with

Ideas for Christmas Gifts, on our EDS Newsfacts Blog and ....,

I already did write you a blog post about
creating your own (Aniversary) Photo Book as a Gift,

Writing A Great Anniversary BOOK

As a Personalized CHRISTMAS Gift!

I also created other (E)-Books/(E)-Reports as well....,

Like for example we Wrote an (E)-Report
About Making Money with Your Digital Photography!

Also have a look at this Publication at Lulu
Listed in Business & Economics        
Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.


We offer you ideas to make your
own (Christmas Holiday) Publishing Gifts

And offer you ideas for Getting into your


And we offer you Many, Many, Many ideas for your

Christmas Shopping ! ! !

Read More Interesting New Blog posts Soon….., 



Discover Our Great Looking PHOTO CARTOONS ! ! !

Discover the Blogging - Platform -
& Build Your Brand

Thanks that you did find enough
reasons for checking out
this blog again today,

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Writing Post - & Greeting Card Messages and
The Type of (E)CARDS that We Have for YOU ! ! !

Do You Know We Have a Special Service for You 
To Easily Send Short Messages to Family & Friends in a FUN way..!!!

Our ECards Sending Service:

As you know there are many types of writing, and one of the things to
let my 'Writing Engine' run is by doing (Constructive) Journaling in

for example one of our own Design Highly Special Customizable Journals and Notebooks
An other type of writing is

Monday, November 4, 2019

Testing a Pinterest (E)Cards Image

When you click the Image or the Link you
will get to see more Pins & Ideas related to 
(e)Cards & Birthday Wishes.

See this Pin on Pinterest

We Have a wide variety of

Post- & Greeting (e)Cards,

You can see them in our Webshops, EDS & EDT

and you can also discover them on our

Pinterest Boards

and in some of our Tweets, On our Twitter page where you can discover frequent

Fresh Newsworthy Info that you will Like to Like and will like to Re-Tweet.

Near the Top of this Blog you might have seen the title tag:

Making Writing FUN and FRUITFUL!!!
For Bloggers & Webshop Owners.

Writing things like Blog Comments & - Replies are
an easy way to start your "Writing Engine" the
same goes for writing messages you can write
on (E)Cards, 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Discover Fresh Newsworthy Info On Our Blogs &
On Our Twitter Page

The Whole Point of Promoting,
to Get Attention,
and to keep Attention in a Noisy world, is to
frequently Repeat your Messages and
also to add Fresh Newsworthy info.

To Keep you informed we have for example
our Special

EDS-Newsfacts Blog, where you
get a constant flow of Fresh New Info about our Designs, (you can also see our Latest Designs Dynamically moving in a Flash Panel ! ! !)

And on Our Twitter Page we tell you for example about our

Saturday, October 26, 2019

An Other More Easy Way
to Promote Your (e)Book
Using DIY-CARDS ! ! !

Thanks for having
an other look at this blog today….,

In the previous blog post you could read about

How to Promote (e)Books,

Telling you about for example the possibility to 'Share Your Process' or
to create a special Book Trailer Video to Promote your (e)Book.

Sharing some info about your book,
showing little text fragments etc. etc.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Vacation Post Cards, Greeting Cards,
& Other Exciting Types of Writing.


Manage Your Writing Projects!!!

Welcome Back!

The Problem:

You need to Discover types of writing

Monday, October 7, 2019

Did You Know We Also Have DIY-(E)CARDS ? ? ?
See What You Can Do With Them ! ! !

See WHAT we have done, with Our DIY-CARDS

We made a few Pre-created examples to show you
what you can do with our - Do It Yourself - Cards.

It's an Easy FIRST Step into
sending your own Messages with our 


You can See what Messages You can Create with the DIY-(E)CARDS,
and you can Choose Messages you would like to send, and

SECOND - when you like - when you like to get Creative yourself, you can think about possible Messages you could use it for yourself ! 

As a - WRITER - here is your Chance to Do YOUR OWN WRITING
Writing YOUR OWN MESSAGES on our Special 


(or make use of any of our Pre-Created examples)

and THIRD,

You could think about How you would translate such a Message it into your own Words on the Card and the Message Inside the CARDS, and how you could all translate it even into the Design itself choosing your own Lettertype(s) and make choices about the Lay-out of the Lettering itself ! ! !  

As you know we have Many CARD-Designs, not only Birthday CARDS, and Reeeeeealy BIG Cards !
we also Frequently Go to all kind of places to get Inspiration for making many other types of CARD-Designs,
and they are amung our

TOP 5 Most Popular Products 

At the start of the Summer we started with making

a Line of our Highly Special DIY-CARD Designs
that you can Customize if you like.

See Some of Our 

Sunflower DIY Postcard

Sunflower DIY Postcard

by EdelhertDesignStudio

This is an Greeting Card, Congratulations Card we Created from the Sunflowers DIY-CARD here above; 

Sunflowers Congratulations Postcard

Sunflowers Congratulations Postcard

by EdelhertDesignStudio

an other EXAMPLE: 

White Flower DIY Postcard

White Flower DIY Postcard

by EdelhertDesignStudio

This is a Friendship Postcard we made from the DIY-CARD here above; 

White Flower LOVE Cust. Postcard

White Flower LOVE Cust. Postcard

by EdelhertDesignStudio

and an other EXAMPLE from the same DIY-CARD White Flower Thinking of YOU Postcard

White Flower Thinking of YOU Postcard

by EdelhertDesignStudio

See ALL of our
DIY Postcards
(and Latte Mugs)

See ALL Our Recent Designs

Related Blog Posts:

Read More About the Places we Visit for Making our Photos

Read More About Our Curved Tekst

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Some More INFO About
the CARD-Designs that We Created

Such an 'Open Canvas' Does make 

you want to - Write or T Y P E - You
Your CARD Message doesn't it …..? ? ? ;)

In one of our recent posts titled:

I wrote about the fact that we also offer our CARDS as E-CARDS,

Do You Know What Is 

So Great About it …..? ? ?

It's a Great WIN/WIN-situation, with the Share Buttons in our Online Webstore
you can use our CARD-Designs as E-CARDS to send them as Messages to friends,
and at the same time People get to know what our CARD-Designs look like!, and get 
to know our Brand, making you into great

See here a Tweet
about Our E-CARDS:

Luckely Yesterday I discovered that

we also keep on selling Real CARDS as Well ! ! !

As you can see This Particular CARD here below in our Online Webstore
under the headline:

Latest Products Sold

Also selling such Low-Priced products as CARDS 

are also a good reason for us to Celebrate as I recently learned about 

 when I researched the word 


(You can read more about this particular word it in a blog post 
I wrote on my Healthy Lifestyle Blog.) 

As you can see in the first Photo here above is an example of
one of our Popular CARD-Designs, It also comes with
an Inside image, and Inside text  that if you like
you can customize it with your own texst/image

On the FRONT you can put your own Texst 
in the specially made Text Balloon ! ! !

We have many more great looking

FUN CARDS for you like for example our

Extremely BIG 50th Anniversary CARD

See Our Other CARD-Designs


Friday, September 20, 2019

As PROMISED: Some Background Info About
WHY We Also Offer Our

Discover More of Our Photo - & Design Skills on our Twitter!

Follow Us On Twitter:

To make it easy for you, we (also) offer our CARDS 

as an E-CARDS Sending Service

and now for the easy Explanation…..,

Well it is really quite simple it has everything to do
with the Developement on the Post- & Greeting Card Market.

Concentration on LOW-Priced CARDS

Fact is that years ago there where many Card-shops, and a wide range of buyers,
Now on the 'Cards Market', you see concentrations at the

Bottom of the market, with things like Low-Priced Cards and E-Cards

Like for example our Low-Priced Postcards, like the ones you can buy
in our Webstore as Low-Priced Postcards

An actual CARD that you can send - 'In the old Fasionad Way' -  
as Physical Cards writing messages,
with an actual Physical PEN on the BACK of the Postcards.

(Click here to See the Front of this 
Grey Haron Happy Birthday Postcard)

(BTW. also as you can see here below, as a Special Service
we also have  Special Designs - ON- Pens :) )


There also is a Concentration on the Top of the Market,
the High-Priced CARDS, that are More priced like Great Birthday Presents,

A Great Example that we have is our Reeeeeeally B I G 50th Anniversary Card

you see here Below:

(BTW, you can choose different sizes)

50 th Anniversary Cust. Color Big Greeting Card

50 th Anniversary Cust. Color Big Greeting Card

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Read more about this CARD
on my Cartoon & Art Blog 
is a blog post titled: 

How I Came with the Idea
for this Reeeeally Big Card

You also might like to see the Funny Lettering,
on the Left Side of the Card, and the Funny Text
On the Inside, I can Promise you it really ROCKS ! ! !

We recently created this MASSIVE BIG Card you see here above,

We also have a special DIY 'Template Version' of this card 
that you can customize with other Background Color/-tekst if you like, 
and with YOUR OWN PHOTO ! ! !

and recently - amung other Cards - we also created this New Low-priced

Summer Flowers Cust. Happy Birthday Greeting Card 

and this Brand New 

Special Blue Morpho Butterfly Thank You Card

See Many More Post- & Greeting Cards

You can Also Send Our Cards

Because of this Market developement, and as a Service to create Awareness
for the great looking CARDS that we have, and the Great Value that we offer 
with our Photography and design-skills, we also offer our Cards as E-CARDS ! ! ! 

You probably will not want to send your Sympathy Cards as E-CARDs
(unfortunately in the past times we had a lot of inspiration for making them), 

only for example when you forgot to send a Birthday Card, you might want to send it
as a quick Birthday E-Card…,

--->>> W O W !!!!!

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